Banks cut lending without proof of income

Banks cut lending without proof of income

Banks cut lending without proof of income

During the pandemic, Russian banks have sharply reduced lending to citizens who cannot officially confirm their income, Yelizaveta Danilova, director of the Central Bank's financial stability department, said in an interview with Izvestia. She did not give exact figures showing how much the issuance of loans to people with “gray wages” has decreased.

The director of the financial stability department of the Central Bank also told how banks check citizens who cannot confirm their income. According to her, everyone has different approaches.

“Someone looks at the borrower's spending, thus assessing the level of income. There is a comparative approach: what profession, length of service, gender, age, how many works in one place. Many banks already have benchmarks, how many people live in this region and work in this work, he can get, “- explained Danilova.

According to two sources of Izvestia, employed in the banking sector, the share of loans to citizens without confirmed incomes in the largest credit institutions reaches 50%, and in small ones – 80-90% of the portfolio.

Although the Central Bank does not directly prohibit issuing loans to people with unconfirmed income, he does not like this state of affairs. Therefore, for such loans in the amount of up to 100 thousand rubles, the regulator requires keeping a reserve of 0.5 percentage points. higher than for similar loans for which the income was confirmed, follows from its provision 590-P.

In addition, the Bank of Russia is making efforts to ensure that financial institutions have access to data from more sources. “Already now banks can receive information from the Pension Fund, and soon there will be access to the data of the Federal Tax Service. There will be not only information on taxes, but also more efficient information on insurance premiums. There will be no need to take 2-NDFL from an employer to get a loan,” said Danilova.

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