“Bankrupt” Ronaldinho found 1.6 million dollars to get out of prison

ON the occasion of the Brazilian from prison, the prisoners staged a barbecue

The media learned how much the former player of “Barcelona” and Brazilian national team Ronaldinho has cost the Paraguayan exit from prison. According to the Guardian, the judge appointed Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto de assis Moreira bail of $ 1.6 million the Brothers will be under house arrest in the hotel “Palmarosa” in the center of Asuncion. Previously appeared a photo of the room that is serving house arrest Ronaldinho.

Interestingly, due to problems with the law Ronaldinho almost became bankrupt on his account was only six euros. The footballer was fined 187 thousand, but in three years this amount has increased to two million. In 2015 Ronaldinho was fined for environmental damage nature.

Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto de assis Moreira was arrested for a fake passport at the airport in Asuncion. On March 5, the attorney General of Paraguay issued a warrant for the arrest of Brazilian, but the next day the ex-footballer was released from custody. However, several hours later, Ronaldinho was again arrested at the request of the Prosecutor General. Later, the court decided to extend the arrest of Ronaldinho to six months, but in jail Braille spent only one month.

By the way, the prisoners staged Ronaldinho Royal send-off. On this occasion, in prison, organized a BBQ. It is reported that some of them did not hold back tears as I bid farewell to the star inmate.

The most famous Joker of world football:

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