Balance period 2021-2022: In Congress, the educational agenda of counter-reforms prevailed in the university and teacher sector

Balance period 2021-2022: In Congress, the educational agenda of counter-reforms prevailed in the university and teacher sector

Education is the second most debated topic in the plenary session, but controversial norms against university reform and teacher reform were prioritized.

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Balance period 2021-2022: In Congress, the counter-reform educational agenda in the university and teacher sector

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In Congress, high legislative output is not always a good sign. The educational issue has been the second most debated in the 2021-2022 period, but the approval of controversial regulations has stood out.

The Education Commission, chaired by Esdras Medina (Popular Renovation), has accumulated 270 projects and 15 enacted laws.

There are a few achievements with fair claims. The payment of the social debt to teachers by right and not by judicialization; and the payment of 100% of the CTS for teachers and assistants. The other large part of the agenda has been populist and with great counter-reform laws”, affirmed Flor Pablo, of the Purple Party.

The former Minister of Education pointed out as counter-reforms the law that enables ultra-conservative religious organizations to veto contents of educational material, the extension of the automatic baccalaureate, the extension of the culmination of master's and doctoral studies to teachers who had already had seven years, as well as the law of university “autonomy”. This week, the plenary session also approved –in the first vote– the criticized rule that eliminates the age limit for university teaching.

In this regard, the former minister Ricardo Cuenca referred that the damage that Congress and the Executive have done to education in less than a year is enormous. Along these lines, Flor Pablo warned that now the “intention to bring down the teacher reform” is coming.

“They have already given small indications that have been approved in Congress. A first sign was to recognize that Armed Forces school teachers can automatically enter the teaching career by validating their years of service, which contravenes the proposals of the reform. Another sign is the approval of the cancellation of the 2021 teacher entrance exam due to indications of fraud that have not yet been proven by the Prosecutor's Office”, he referred.

Pablo also warned that there is a bill that seeks to allow interim teachers – teachers who were dismissed in 2014 for not taking or failing the evaluation and despite the fact that they had 8 years to regularize their situation – can enter directly to the career. magisterial.

Balance period 2021-2022 : In Congress, the educational agenda of counter-reforms prevailed in the university and teaching sector

Education was the second most debated issue in the plenary session of Congress. But most were counter-reformation themes.

The teachers and the commission

Álex Paredes, spokesperson for the Teachers' Bloc seeking changes in the Teaching Reform Law, announced that it has requested an educational thematic plenary session for July 6.

“As teachers, we know firsthand what the needs of the main players in the sector are. An axis in which we have worked is in the recognition of labor rights. For example, the Executive has already promulgated the law so that teachers from all over the country can access the payment of the Class Preparation and Evaluation Bonus, without the requirement of a judicial sentence. This is a recognition of the long days of struggle of the Peruvian teachers”, Paredes said.

In this line, the former Peru Libre said that they will promote an initiative that recognizes all the years of services worked by the professionals of the contracted education and teaching assistants appointed and contracted from public educational institutions of basic education at the time of cessation to recognize the CTS, as was already done with the appointed teachers of Basic Education through Law No. 3145.

He also announced that, in this second year of management, they seek to approve the rules referring to the regulation of the Magisterial Spill.

Balance period 2021-2022: In Congress, the educational agenda of counter-reforms in the university and teacher sector prevailed

The projects that They are promoted by the Parliament's Education Commission.

On the other hand, spokesman Alex Paredes did not want to answer whether his caucus will seek to preside over the Education Commission for the term 2022-2023. Sources from the group indicated that there is interest but that everything will depend on the round of negotiations for the new Board of Directors. Other legislative sources maintained that the Alliance for Progress has guaranteed its support for the Magisterial Bloc to obtain the coveted presidency of the commission.

In this regard , Flor Pablo affirmed that the presidency of the commission must be assumed by a representative of the political center, which allows to recover the course of public policies and improve them; and where populism, trade unionism or dogmatic and religious biases do not prevail.