[BALADO] The Paying Zone: Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes take the stage this weekend

[BALADO] The Paying Zone: Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes take the stage this weekend

The first round of the NFL playoffs brought some surprises and some hard-fought games. The coming second round will bring to the fore a duel between two legends, others between hungry young quarterbacks, as well as the entry on the scene of the big guns that are Chiefs and Packers. The paying zone sets the table for you as only she can.

It was quite a first weekend of the playoffs, with two teams ending their endless famine. When the Browns and the Bills finally celebrate at the same time the end of a long drought of more than 25 years in the playoffs, it’s because we are lining up for a special year! Our analysts The paying zone come back on the first lap by greeting their most beautiful surprises, but also, by pouring their venom on their biggest disappointments.

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Several veteran quarterbacks could say their goodbyes in the coming weeks. Big Ben? Philip Rivers? Drew Brees? The paying zone try to see clearly.

Even if the playoffs are in full swing, there is no shortage of news about eliminated teams this week. The firing of Doug Pederson with the Eagles and the rumors of dissatisfaction and exchange surrounding Deshaun Watson in Houston are among the topics on the agenda.

Of course, it’s not the habit of your podcast to leave you hungry for a big weekend. The duels between Rams and Packers, Ravens and Bills, Browns and Chiefs as well as Buccaneers and Saints are explored in depth to titillate you before the weekend.

Stay of course until the end for the essential “At the bar!” Section, which once again does not lack punch. Good listening!

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The paying zone is co-hosted by Jean-Nicolas Gagné, Jean Carrier and Stéphane Cadorette

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