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Ontarians Kristoffer Nippak and Matthew Althorpe face several terrorism-related charges.

Bail hearing for two suspected terrorists.

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Kristoffer Nippak and Matthew Althorpe were arrested on December 6 by RCMP in the Toronto and Niagara region.

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Kristoffer Nippak and Matthew Althorpe appear in a Toronto court for the first day of their bail hearing in which their defense will attempt to secure their release before trial.

The two Ontarians are notably accused of supporting the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division, which is on the blacklist of terrorist organizations in Canada.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Kristoffer Nippak and Matthew Althorpe were arrested Dec. 6 in Ontario after an 18-month RCMP investigation. They were placed in preventive detention.

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Screenshot from a propaganda video by the Division Atomwaffen group

Nippak appeared in the dock wearing khaki pants and a black fleece sports tracksuit. The 28-year-old man had short brown hair and a goatee on his face.

Althorpe wore an electric blue suit with a pale blue shirt and no tie. The 25-year-old man had longer blonde hair and a beard.

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Some members of their families were present in the courtroom of the Ontario Court of Justice. Althorpe also continued to communicate with a woman who appeared to be his mother.

The federal police had already announced Friday that warrants searches carried out in the Toronto and Niagara region allowed him to apprehend the two individuals.

The RCMP accuses them in particular of having participated in the creation of leaflets and recruitment videos with a view to supporting the terrorist movement Division Atomwaffen, originating in the United States.

Atomwaffen Division calls for acts of violence against racial, religious and ethnic groups, against police and bureaucrats, in order to bring about the collapse of society, wrote the RCMP in its press release Friday press.

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Investigators gave the press this photo of the Active Club Canada group with the blurred faces of its alleged members. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

Atomwaffen Division was listed as a terrorist entity in Canada in 2021, but according to the RCMP, former members have since joined the Active Club Canada group, which holds combat training sessions in community parks.

The Active Club network is made up of decentralized cells of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups, according to the police. Its members are active in many American states and in other countries, including Canada.

According to investigators, Kristoffer Nippak and Matthew Althorpe also allegedly helped make leaflets on behalf of the Terrorgram Collective.

According to them, Terrorgram Collective shares a neo-fascist ideology through messaging and produces manuals on how to commit racist violence.

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The Ontario Court of Justice in downtown Toronto

Matthew Althorpe, a resident of the Niagara region, faces six counts of:

Kristoffer Nippak, who is from Toronto, is accused of participating in terrorist activities.

Their hearing on bail is expected to last three days. A publication ban prevents us from saying more in this matter.

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