Baghdad has more than 10 victims of political protests

Baghdad has more than 10 victims of political protests

Baghdad has more than 10 victims of political protests

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The guards of the anti-American Shiite leader Al-Sadr storm the guards in Baghdad and in other places.

More than 10 people perished and about 300 suffered in the aftermath of the outbreak near Baghdadi Sadr about the residual withdrawal from politics. About tse at Mondays, 29th sickle, Reuters says.

Hundreds of al-Sadr's followers escaped to the “green zone”

Policemen poured out tear gas. The Iraqi army announced about the supply on the entire territory of the edge of the curfew.

Sadr himself, stating that “the parties and the politicians, who were part of the political process after the US invasion in 2003, were no longer guilty of taking the fate of the new”. Yogo party became the largest in the minority elections, but failed to form the order and left the parliament.

< p> Sadristi is dissatisfied with the candidacy of the new premier, which became the cob of confusion. Muqtada al-Sadr himself, having voiced the doti hunger strike, the doki stumble on violence.

Special The UN mission in Iraq (UNAMI) has already called out the protesters to leave the area. And UN Secretary General António Guterres, having called out to the parties to the conflict in Iraq, come to terms with de-escalation. The Secretary General's words were voiced by his representative Stefan Dyuzhzharik.

“The General Secretary is worried about the protests that are going on this year in Iraq, during which the demonstrators have gone into the regular wake. Vіn especially turbulent reminders about wasting among people”, – having said Duzhzharik.

Behind these words, the Secretary General called to “calm and strimanity”, as well as “beware of violence”.