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Savagely beaten, a young woman hopes «  help others get out of it.” /></p>
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<p class=Laury Choinière wants to tell her story to help other victims.


A week after being violently attacked, Laury Choinière, from Bromont, still suffers from serious physical and psychological injuries. With a swollen face, this 21-year-old young woman is telling her story today, hoping to help other victims denounce domestic violence.

On December 30, in Brossard, this young woman had to be hospitalized for approximately 24 hours after being hit multiple times. The accused in this case is her ex-spouse, Yan-Philippe Leduc. He must appear at the Longueuil courthouse on January 10.

Photos of the young woman's injuries were shared by many relatives on social networks. Several foreigners also showed their support, denouncing violence against women.

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This photo of Laury Choinière was published on social networks after the events.

I said to myself: "That's it, my time is here”, underlines the young woman when speaking of the events.

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While all this was happening, I was thinking about how I might get through this. That's when I had the strength to pick up my phone, which was next to me. I called 911, and I was like called “ghost” because I never spoke to them. I put my phone between my legs hoping that they would hear the situation, she continues.

She believes that the arrival of police officers saved his life.

When I looked at myself, I thought I saw a monster. […] It looked like I had just experienced a horror film.

A quote from Laury Choinière

Since the events, she emphasizes that she has received a real wave of solidarity. Many women also wrote to him to tell their own stories of domestic violence. She says she is particularly touched and upset by their messages.

You have to know how to break the "pattern"before it's too late. […] I know I'm not the only woman to be in situations like this. For me, it's important to talk about it to help others have the courage to get through it.

A quote from Laury Choinière

Her mother, Julie Choinière, agrees. She was the one who posted a photo of her daughter on social networks.

We are still on an incredible wave of love. All the testimonies of other women who give you their support… As the mother of a victim like Laury, young girls write to me to tell me about themselves. […] They give a lot of resources too. The mutual support there is, it’s incredible, she exclaims.

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Laury Choinière says she was able to count on the support of her mother and her friends.

Laury will need to be monitored in hospital over the next few weeks, particularly for injuries sustained to her eyes.

Regarding the events of December 30, Yan-Philippe Leduc, aged 27, faces charges of assault causing bodily harm, assault for choking, suffocating or strangling the victim as well than having sequestered, imprisoned or forcibly seized the victim.

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Yan-Philippe Leduc faces several charges in this case.

He is also accused of non-compliance with conditions since, during the events of December 30, he was not to communicate with Laury Choinière or go within 200 meters of her residence or place of work.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">He is also accused of other assaults against the young woman, which allegedly occurred on December 10.

In the wake of Laury Choinière's story, the co-responsible for political issues at the Regroupement des centers pour femmes victims de violence domestices, Mathilde Trou, recalls the importance of talking about domestic violence and the resources offered to victims.

We encourage all the victims, all the young women who think that there is something that is not normal in their relationship, something that bothers them, a little light that goes on in their head depending on the behavior of their spouse, do not hesitate to call SOS Domestic Violence or a shelter.

There is a very good test to do online on the SOS Domestic Violence website, where you can see if there is control in your relationship, if there is violence in the relationship. It can really help, she points out.

A victim’s loved ones can also contact shelters. They will advise them on the best things to do to stay with this person, not force them, respect their rhythm but try to support them in leaving this violent relationship, says the speaker.

She also argues that violence can take many forms. This could include monitoring travel, preventing women from going to work, imposing rules at home, and controlling all expenses. Yes, physical violence is domestic violence, and this is really highlighted in the case of this young woman, but there is also control which can be more insidious, more pernicious. , then that too, these are red flags that need to be raised and better known.

With information from Zoé Bellehumour

SOS Violenceconjugale can be reached by telephone at 1 800 363-9010, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or by text message at 438 601 -1211.

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