Bad news for the PSG star and the Argentina team.

Bad news for the PSG star and the Argentina team.

Lionel Messi is getting ready for his debut in a new edition of the Champions League, with PSG< /b>, a few months before his great challenge in the World Cup in Qatar with Argentina.

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Messi is also in the news off the pitch, because in the last few hours it has been known by press reports that the player would have made a very bad investment.

Messi's bad investment?

Bad news for the star of PSG and the Argentine national team.

Information from the international press, which mainly quotes El Periódico de Ibiza, indicates that Messi would have acquired a mansion in Ibiza worth 11 million euros, but he cannot live in it.

The soccer player acquired the mansion on February 3, without knowing the problems that the property had. The house was owned by a Swiss citizen.

The difficulty is that the building has several rooms in the garage, so the Sant Josep City Council did not grant the completion of the work and the Consell d'Eivissa did not grant the certificate of occupancy either.

The mansion, more than 16,000 square meters of surface and a 92-meter swimming pool, it would not have a construction license or a certificate of occupancy because the previous owner, apparently, carried out works illegally.

The house is located in the municipality of Sant Josep, in the town of Cala Tarida, and has 568 meters of built-up territory.

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It has a ground floor of 420 square meters, a basement of 16.79 meters, another annex of 38.85 meters and a pool of 92 meters.

In order to inhabit the house, Messi would have to order all the illegally built rooms to be demolished. In any case, it is known that their lawyers work with the Sant Josep City Council to regulate housing.

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