Back to school: As of Monday, students wearing abaya and qamis will not be able to enter class

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secularism Schools will have to “explain the meaning” of this ban to students from the start of the school year

Back-to-school: Starting On Monday, students wearing abayas and qamis will not be able to enter class

Students who want to attend classes will not be able to wear either abayas or qamis. — SYSPEO/SIPA

A comeback under the sign of secularism according to Attal. As of Monday, the provision, announced on Sunday by the Minister of National Education concerning the ban on wearing the abaya in the country. school, will be applied. Students presenting themselves wearing the abaya will not be able to enter class but “will be welcomed” by schools, who will “explain to them the meaning” of this ban, said Thursday Gabriel Attal. In addition to the traditional long robe covering the body worn by some Muslim students, the new rule will also affect the wearing of qamis, the male version of this garment, added. the minister on France Inter.

“Behind the abaya, behind the qamis, there are young girls, young boys and there are families. Human beings with whom it is necessary to dialogue, to do pedagogy,” the new Minister of Education. “They will be welcomed, they will be welcomed and there will be an exchange with them to explain to them the meaning of the rule. Why are we making this decision. Why can't we wear the abaya, the qamis, in school,” continued Gabriel Attal, specifying that “as of Monday” none of these students will be able to enter the classroom.

“”Mediation work”

“Secularism is one of the fundamental values ​​of the school of the Republic,” he insisted, justifying the timing of this announcement, his first. even before the start of the school year, through his “discussions with the heads of establishments” who were “waiting for a clear rule” In some establishments, “you may have several dozen people who are involved” and the heads of establishments must be “accompanied to do this mediation work,” the minister.

To this end, a note will be sent to them. e “today”today”, in which the government “clarifies the rule”: “It gives a certain number of tracks, guides to do this work of ”exchange”. A letter will also be sent. to heads of establishments “” destination for families” concerned, according to Gabriel Attal, who did not deliver any. content.