Back to school 2023: Pokémon school bag, manga diary… What are the favorite supplies of students this year?

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consumption School supplies are not immune to fads and some licenses are particularly popular with schoolchildren

Back to school 2023  : Pokémon school bag, manga diary… What are the students favorite supplies this year?

Purchase of school supplies in the stationery section of the intermarché de Nice. — SYSPEO/SIPA

  • This year, the prices of school supplies have taken a bit of a hit.
  • The back-to-school allowance (ARS) was paid on August 16. Its amount has been increased by 5.6% compared to the premium paid in the summer of 2022. This will allow families to tackle the back-to-school races.
  • “20 Minutes” has Take a tour of the shelves to see the trendiest items this year.

Start the school year off right with good equipment. Like every year, the parents are working hard to the purchase of school supplies. But inflation is part of it: “The average price of supplies paid for at checkout has increased. by 9.7% between July 2022 and July 2023. This represents on average 30 cents more per article,” observes Samuel Gimenez, consultant at the panelist GFK. Prices that have slowed down family shopping, the volume of supplies purchased having decreased; by 12.4% in July 2023 compared to July 2022, according to GFK. “But the back-to-school allowance (ARS) having been released on August 16, some parents may have differed. their purchases at the end of August,” continues the analyst. Stay at know what products they will set their sights on. 20 Minutes takes stock of the trends.

Dragon Ball Z schoolbags or the Tann’s at the top

In the leather goods department, it’s time recycling for families. “Either the satchel will last another year, or families take advantage of offers from certain brands that take back old satchels for a voucher. Buying second-hand is also gaining ground. Bureau Vallée has been offering second-hand models since this year,” explains Adrien Peyroles, general manager of the brand. These children will still be entitled to a new satchel at; this back to school! Licensed models are still a hit this year, observes Aurélie Frémion, leather goods and agenda referent at Bureau Vallée: “Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon schoolbags work very well. Families who want more classic models opt for the Tann’s and Kickers satchels which are reputed to be of very good quality, with ergonomic shoulder straps and a padded back”. For teenagers, the unmistakable backpack back Eastpak always tears itself apart: “The tendency is to have a different model from the neighbour, hence’ the success of the range of handbags; back to back patterns. Those with the Simpsons are also very popular,” notes Adrien Peyroles. When it comes to pencil cases, the trend is for models with two compartments, very practical for separating markers from pens. Maped even comes out at back to school an XXL model that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

The fashion for manga, Spider-Man or Barbie diaries

If the paper diary begins to disappearing from the bags in high school, it is still in vogue in college and even at the end of primary school. “Even though homework is listed on Pronote in middle school, teachers want students to write it down on paper as well,” says Adrien Peyroles. “The one day or one page format is the most popular. The agenda remains a very socializing product, so children will want to choose it and opt for a model that stands out. In primary school, the children turn to diaries with a cover in faux fur, with patterns glitter… In college, Manga diaries are torn off,” notes Florence Breton Remia, member of the Association of Stationery and Office Manufacturers (AIPB). “Films released in cinemas are also very inspiring for manufacturers, hence; the success of Spider-Man and Barbie diaries this year,” adds Samuel Gimenez.

Erasable pens impossible to use zap

Side notebooks, those with a polypropylene cover (laminated) continue to sell well, even though they cost a little more than those with a hard cover. “Because to cover these, you have to buy a notebook cover, which does not necessarily end up being cheaper. And the polypropylene notebooks also have a flap option,” points out Nadège Helary, president of the AIPB. And for these items, families do not necessarily prefer the cheapest, because they are sensitive to the weight of the paper, to the weight of the paper. the quality of the lineage, to the robustness of the notebook… “Two out of three notebooks purchased in supermarkets are national brands. Private labels are less popular in this area”, observes Samuel Gimenez.

In the writing department, there are not too many surprises: “Erasable pens always sell very well, especially since they are offered at a discount. more reasonable prices. Pastel highlighters are also in high demand,” notes Nadège Helary. New: FriXion ball sticks, erasable sticks that come in 12 shades, ranging from classic black to purple!

The four-color pens are also always a hit. BIC sold more than 22 million in France last year. “There are new models every year, which attract collectors. Some teachers have even banned them because of thefts!”, remarks Adrien Peyroles. Admittedly, the original four-color (blue) remains the best-selling model, but it now represents only a third of sales. The majority of sales relates to special editions (velvet, wood style, Shine…).

Rabbit or panda head pencil sharpeners are hot

If the large distribution offers lots to be sold; Back to school, it has to be said that they are less successful: “For the past three years, parents have been doing more inventory of their cupboards to avoid overconsumption. They buy at unity,” says Samuel Gimenez. Boxes of markers and pencils are also selling like hotcakes: “Manufacturers have been able to renew themselves in recent years, by offering extensive ranges: felt-tip pens; fine or thick point, camaïeu of pastel colors…”, reveals Samuel Gimenez. Side innovation, the Color'Peps color pencils from Maped are attractive because they do not need to be sharpened and are self-sharpening when coloring.

In the size department -pencils, those with reservoirs are now the most purchased. “”Those in the shape of animals are very popular with children, such as the Croc-Croc by Maped and its rabbit head or the one in the shape of a panda by the same brand”, observes Adrien Peyroles And the one in the shape of a world map is one of the essentials. As for the hardware geometry: “The unbreakable models are always well positioned. Parents want to avoid buying them every 3 months,” notes Nadège Helary. Reasoned purchases, definitely very trendy.