Back to school 2023: Abaya, adjustments to the baccalaureate… What to remember from Gabriel Attal's press conference

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education Relive with us the first press conference of the new Minister of Education

Returned; School year 2023: Abaya, layout of the bac… What to remember from Gabriel Attal’s press conference

Gabriel Attal, August 28, 2023. — Bertrand GUAY Refresh Show highlights only


  • Named; on July 20 at; the head of the Ministry of National Education, Gabriel Attal, 34, is the youngest under the Fifth Republic to take care of this first state budget, where it succeeds Pap Ndiaye.
  • This Monday, he presented; its first back-to-school press conference and will be surrounded by by Carole Grandjean, Minister Delegate in charge of Vocational Education and Training and Prisca Thevenot, Secretary of State in charge of Youth and Universal National Service.&nbsp ;
  • During the transfer of power with Pap Ndiaye, Gabriel Attal gave himself; a roadmap with “three priorities”: “respect for authority; and fundamental knowledge at the heart of the school” , the non-replacement of absent teachers and the well-being of students which involves the fight against school harassment.



10:51 am: This live is now over, thank you for watching

Gabriel Attal showed himself clear, determined; and mastering its records. But he still has to convince teachers of the effectiveness of of certain measures. The hardest part is therefore to come.

10:45 a.m.: Gabriel Attal lends himself to the stretched microphone exercise

Back to school 2023: Abaya, layout of the bac… What to remember from Gabriel Attal’s press conference

At the press conference. – D.Bancaud

10:41 a.m.: The harmonization of continuous control notes, a challenge

Since the marks for the specialty tests will no longer be taken into account on Parcoursup, the question of harmonizing continuous assessment scores arises more insistently. “There needs to be an analysis of the grade averages of each institution,” this mission to the rectors of academies. They will be compared to the scores of high schools with the same characteristics.

10:40 a.m.: “We will have to offer divisible training courses”

The minister no longer wants training to take place during class time. It will be gradual.

10:35 a.m.: “No head of establishment has asked me; to define an abaya”

For the minister, the heads of establishments will have no difficulty in defining an abaya” know how to recognize an abaya, so no need to specify the length of the dress in a text.

10:33 a.m.: “It will be the harasser to change establishment”

this comeback. A harassment referent in each establishment will also be set up this year. A promise linked to the fact that currently, these referents are not systematic.

10:30 am: “We open to; this back to school 15 more international sections in REP”

A way to improve the attractiveness of of these establishments. On the revision of the map of priority education, postponed for years, he recognizes that “the subject is complex”. He wants to wait for the revision of the priority neighborhoods of the city before deciding.

10:23 a.m.: His method for banning abayas

Gabriel Attal clarifies his method for banning the abaya in establishments. A circular has been published last year. There will be a memo that will clarify this point. The vade-mecum of secularism will be updated. A letter signed by the Minister on this point may be addressed on this point. “I will never leave headteachers alone in the face of this. these situations,” promises the minister. “I am aware that for some establishments it will be more difficult.” It will set up support with secularism trainers, secularism referents. to discuss with the families.

10:20 a.m.: “There will be; back to school a teacher in front of each student”

The Minister indicates that 90% of contract workers who will work this year have been renewed. “We have more admissions to the competitions,” he also recalls.

10:13 am: “125 to; 250 euros net more per month for teachers”

Gabriel Attal gives the figures for salary increases again. It is in particular through this means that he intends to fight against the recruitment crisis in National Education. 

10:10 a.m.: “I am not making any predictions about the pact”

Gabriel Attal kicks in touch and does not deliver any figures concerning the proportion of teachers who intend to sign a pact. Knowing that this device is quite criticized; among teachers. “I am fully aware that the working time of teachers is not just about time in front of their students,” insists the minister. “I know that we will have to convince,” he admits.

10:08 am: It's time for questions from the journalists

An exercise technique which makes it possible to measure the mastery of the files by any new Minister of Education.

9:58 a.m.: Prisca Thevenot, Secretary of State in charge of Youth and National Service universal expresses itself

“ The universal national service has benefited from to 90,000 young people », she recalls. It recalls the will to ramp up the SNU this year. Civic service « needs to be opened wider ». “ We are aiming for 150,000 volunteers in 2023 », she says. 

9:52 a.m.: “ will be rewarded for their internships,” recalls Carole Granjean

It’s Carole Grandjean, Minister Delegate in charge of Vocational Education and Training, who reminds us of this. A business office will also be set up. in each high school in order to offer “a network to those who don’t have one.” High schools will welcome their former students if they have not found a of employment in order to help them s’insert. French and maths lessons may be offered in reduced numbers. Specialties will be offered after the baccalaureate. 

9:50 a.m.: End of the Minister s speech to applause

 For your information, this it's not the journalists who are applauding, but the members of the ministry!

09:46: “The CNR is not a committee; Teodule”

Gabriel Attal defends the National Council for Refoundation dedicated to to education. It indicates that 8,500 projects have been deposited. “You have to give the field the possibility; to innovate”

09:45 am: A more inclusive school?

6,500 AESH will be recruited this year and will be better paid . 

9:43 a.m.: “Bullying at school makes our children suffer too much”

” The fight against harassment will be the great cause for 2023-2024, “announces the minister. The Phare program will be compulsory in 100% of colleges and high schools, all staff will be trained on the subject.

09:42: The moral and civic education program will be reviewed< /strong> 09:40: Respect for secularism, another priority

“ Abayas have been installed in certain establishments », declares Gabriel Attal. “ The school must be protected; religious proselitism,” he insists.“ To unite is to be clear: the abaya has no place in our schools », he insists. He promises to train « to the issues of secularism 300,000 staff per year until 2025 » and all 14,000 management « before the end of the year”.

09:38 am: “There will be no more teachers below 2,100 euros per month”

It also discusses the revaluations of AESH, management staff.

09:35 am: The replacement of teacher absences, a challenge

According to the minister, 15 million hours have been spent. lost last year. “Half” was because of our administrative organization,” he said. He would like training to be organized outside of class time. It also addresses the issue of the pact, since some teachers who commit to it will replace their colleagues. “The pact is an additional recognition of the investment”.

09:33 am: For the 1st French oral, the texts will now be 16 < /strong>

There were 20 texts to be read; prepare for the oral. It was too much, according to the French teachers. There will only be 16 now 

09:32: The specialty tests in June, to regain the 3rd quarter

A decision made « so that the year of the students is more serene », « to regain useful time », explains the minister. 

9:30 a.m.: “Maths for all are back in 1st grade”

He recognizes Blanquer's error of having deleted maths for all in 1st grade as part of the high school reform. It is now over. 

09:29: “ all students aged 6”

“ We should improve studentsçs skills in French and maths”, says the minister.

09:26: “Everything must be done so that holidays do not rhyme with loss of chances”

He talks about the success courses that take place at the end of summer. Currently, 40,000 teachers participate. We will generalize this approach. Teachers will be paid double for this mission. 

09:25 am: New national evaluations in CM1

There were already some. in CP and CE1.

09:20: He wants to raise the level of students

“ Raise the level », his first ambition. He returns to the Pisa classification. “ In 6th grade, one in three pupils does not have the necessary level in French and maths ». In kindergarten, the splitting of classes will be completed. in large section. The school from two years will be amplified. in priority education. At the primary level, CP and CE1 will be capped; to 24 students outside priority education. Each day 2 hours will be devoted to; reading. The math plan will be accelerated. In CM2, each day, students will have to produce one text per day. 

9:15 a.m.: Gabriel Attal starts his conference

“National Education is one of the main concerns of the French” The Minister thanks the journalists. A first. He underlines the fact that some French people no longer believe in public schools. And his wish to cure the “ills of school”.”

09:12 am: The question of purchasing power will also be addressed

With dialogue with the « middle classes », Gabriel Attal promised Sunday to work at “ an organization where families will be able to through National Education to buy school supplies at wholesale prices, to lower the bill ».

09:07 am: Early return to school for students in difficulty debated

This Thursday in an interview with Point, the Head of State says he wants students « who need it » can return to school « from August 20 » for “ catch up ». A proposal that made the teachers' unions jump. The feasibility the development of pre-entry courses which already exist; arises, they say. They also point to psychological barriers to measurement and wonder about its effectiveness.

09:03: Details should be given on the ban on the wearing of the abaya in the city. school

“I have decided to that you could no longer wear an abaya in your school,” on TF1 Sunday evening Gabriel Attal. “The instruction was not clear, now it is and we welcome it,” reacted to AFP Bruno Bobkiewicz, secretary general of the National Union of Management Staff of National Education. “Now that the message is out, it needs to be implemented in the establishments (…) it is not necessary for the heads of establishments to face the abayas alone ”, he added. The Minister should therefore specify the method…

09:00: We already know; that the specialty tests will be postponed to June

The executive has therefore decided: the baccalaureate specialty exams will be held in June from the 2023-2024 school year, and no longer in March. An arbitration taken by Emmanuel Macron, who was confirmed by the new Minister of Education on TF1 news this Sunday. “We have decided; with the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister that the specialty tests would be shifted to starting this year, from March to June” , argued Gabriel Attal. A decision that satisfies the teachers, who were asking for it ardently.

08:54 am: The teachers will scrutinize the intervention of the Minister

Teachers hope that it will move the lines on many projects launched in recent months, such as the teacher pact, the arrangements for the new baccalaureate or the gender mix. school. 

08:43: Hello to; everyone, we are on site at the ministry, rue de Grenelle

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