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Baby shaken to death: eight years in prison for babysitter « 

Katy Jomphe, as she leaves the courtroom.

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Katy Jomphe, a babysitter who violently shook a child in a fit of anger, causing her fatal injuries, is sentenced to eight years in detention.

This loss of control is unjustifiable, noted Judge Sandra Rioux when passing sentence on the mother of three children who could not ignore the fragility of the babies.

Barely two months after opening her family daycare in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, the 42-year-old woman caused serious intracranial injuries to Élyana Linteau, aged ten months.

This drama leaves a family broken, noted the magistrate. Élyana's parents watched helplessly as their baby died in the hospital. A trauma all the greater since the authorities suspected one of them of having committed the crime.

The prosecution asked for a sentence of 12 years, while the defense had suggested 5 years for this involuntary manslaughter. struggling to cope with the sentence imposed. Eight years is barely what we have just experienced, said the father, Claude Jr Linteau, who briefly spoke to the media.

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Elyana's father, Claude Jr Linteau, spoke to the media at the Quebec courthouse.

For the moment, morally and mentally, we are on the ground, whispered Mr. Linteau, who still finds it difficult today to trust when the time comes to entrust his other child to an adult.

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Moreover, the judge noted that the gesture made by Jomphe casts a shadow on all babysitters.

Although the sentence is less severe than the one he proposed , the prosecutor does not intend to request the intervention of the Court of Appeal.

Given what is stated by the court, the comparison, the analysis of the case law, the weighting of the different factors, justified Me Michel Bérubé, of the DPCP.

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Michel Bérubé, prosecutor for the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (Archive photo)

Katy Jomphe's new lawyer didn't seem inclined to contest the sentence either.

At first glance, I' I tend to think that the sentence is correct. I will discuss it again, but for me, the priority is the appeal of the verdict, expressed Me Alain Dumas.

Several months after the guilty verdict, the ex-guard requested the intervention of the Court of Appeal, asserting that ;it was an unreasonable verdict.

Me Dumas is particularly interested in the case of a father of family which the newspaper La Presse has covered in recent weeks.

The intervention of Dr. Guillaume Sébire would have made it possible to drop the accusations against the man who was accused of having shaken his son.< /p>

Dr Sébire testified for the defense during Katy Jomphe's trial, but Judge Rioux dismissed his arguments.

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Me Alain Dumas, lawyer who represents Katy Jomphe. (File photo)

Me Dumas will dwell on the judge's reasons for rejecting the testimony of Dr. Sébire who for me is an excellent doctor, insisted the defense lawyer.

The judgment pronounced by the court in our case severely criticizes the work of Dr. Sébire, for his part wanted to recall Me Bérubé, of the DPCP.

Katy Jomphe, who had no reaction when her sentence was announced, was handcuffed under the heavy gaze of her parents ;Élyana.

The ex-guardian may request release while waiting for the Court of Appeal to examine her case on a date which does not ;has not yet been announced.

In the meantime, the family of the little victim is trying, as best they can, to heal their wounds. We can just hope that time will improve our lot, which is to try to breathe every day, whispered the grieving father.

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