Baby season 3: why the end of the Netflix series is disappointing

Baby season 3: why the end of the Netflix series is disappointing

Baby season 3: why the end of the Netflix series is disappointing

Baby season 3: why the end of the Netflix series is disappointing Have you already finished season 3 of Baby, which is also the last, on Netflix? What did you think ? If you liked the six episodes, some Internet users are quite disappointed by the end with Chiara (Benedetta Porcaroli), Ludovica (Alice Pagani), Damiano (Riccardo Mandolini) and Fabio (Brando Pacitto). They are even more so because the Italian series will not have a season 4. PRBK is of the same opinion, that's why. Attention, spoilers!

Fans disappointed with Baby season 3

Less than a year after the release of season 2 of Baby , Netflix put season 3 online on September 16, 2020. Some have also wasted no time for the binge-watcher and to give their opinion on Twitter. So, did the fans love Baby's final season? Are they satisfied with the end of the Italian series? Not all. Most Internet users find the outcome disappointing and poorly constructed: they would have liked to have had more answers.

There are above all some elements that disturb them such as the fact that Ludovica's mother ends up in prison to protect the secret of her daughter who prostitutes herself, Chiara and Damiano do not get back into a relationship or that Chiara only takes the whole affair. because she confessed publicly unlike Ludo. Result? She is sent to a home while her friend leaves to study in Paris in peace.

A really necessary end?

We have the impression that the writers rushed to conclude Baby , knowing that it will not have season 4. They wanted to bring together a little too many elements (everything is mixed) without taking the time to linger on some, like the Fiore trial in which justice seems more on its side than that of Chiara and Ludovica. We remind him all the same that the character of Giuseppe Maggio encouraged two teenagers to prostitute themselves? Fortunately, he ends up in prison.

In view of all the charges against him, he should have gotten a heavy sentence, but lacking proof, he is doing quite well. In short, this season 3 is of little interest and season 2 could just as easily have served as a conclusion, although we were eagerly awaiting Damian's reaction to Chiara's secret. A secret that came to light as expected, but was that really the main point of the series with Alice Pagani, Benedetta Porcaroli, who had this experience with difficulty, Lorenzo Zurzulo, Riccardo Mandolini and Brando Pacitto? You have 3 hours 😉

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