Azerbaijan may increase gas supplies to Europe

Azerbaijan may increase gas supplies to Europe

Azerbaijan may increase gas supplies to Europe

Azerbaijan increase gas supplies to Europe by 40%

Azerbaijan will start supplying gas to Europe in the end of 2020 through the Transcadriatic pipeline, which will enter the SGC warehouse.

Deliveries of Azerbaijani gas to Europe in 2022 will amount to 11.5 billion cubic meters , which is 40% more, lower in 2021. On Thursday, 22 September, Minister of Energy Parviz Shahbazov said at the international gas conference in Romania.

“It is not worth talking about those that the Pivdenny Gas Corridor (SGC) operates at maximum tightness, as well as about the continuity and stability of supplies”, – resurrecting the minister

In other words, the expansion of the Pvdenny gas corridor with a stretch of p’ in Europe.

“To double the export of natural gas from Azerbaijan – up to 20 billion cubic meters – will require investments in increasing the throughput capacity of pipelines and in the type of gas supply, as well as laying contracts and implementing technical entrances & # 8221;, & # 8211; adding wine.

Shahbazov has also given a boost to Azerbaijan's plans for the development of new energy sources and water in the process of diversifying energy supplies to Europe in a long-term perspective.

Azerbaijani gas supplies to Europe via the TAP gas pipeline (to be part of the SGC system) that Bulgaria began on December 31, 2020. The gas pipeline of appointments for the transportation of 10 billion cubic meters to the natural gas river with the Shah-Deniz opening as part of the Stage-2 of its distribution in Europe. The capacity of the building for the gas pipeline allows to increase the pressure of the pipeline – up to 20 billion cubic meters per river.

Earlier, Bloomberg predicted that there would be an energy crisis in Europe at least until 2025. So, preparations for the coming seasons in Europe can become even more foldable through the daily supply of gas from Russia.

Gas reserves in the EU at a time become at an average of 86%, the price is more rich for shows in the future. A part of Russian gas fell to 9% for the European Union.