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rC re Award of Energy Line Licence for Araguaia Undertaking - The Times Hub

Award of Energy Line Licence for Araguaia Undertaking

Award of Energy Line Licence for Araguaia Undertaking

Horizonte Minerals Plc, the nickel firm targeted on Brazil, is happy to announce that it has been awarded the development licence bundle for the event of the ability line for its 100% owned Araguaia Ferronickel Undertaking . The accredited bundle consists of the preliminary licence the development licence and the associated fauna and flora licences. These have been granted by the Pará State Environmental Company, …

Horizonte Minerals Plc, (AIM:HZM, TSX:HZM) (‘Horizonte’ or ‘the Firm’) the nickel firm targeted on Brazil, is happy to announce that it has been awarded the development licence bundle for the event of the ability line for its 100% owned Araguaia Ferronickel Undertaking (“Araguaia” or “the Undertaking”).

The accredited bundle consists of the preliminary licence (Licença Prévia), the development licence (Licença de Instalação), and the associated fauna and flora licences. These have been granted by the Pará State Environmental Company, Secretaria de Meio Ambiente e Sustentabilidade (‘SEMAS’).

This licence bundle permits the implementation of a 120km, 230KV energy line, and respective substation. The ability line will join Araguaia to the nationwide energy grid and can cowl the total energy requirement for the Undertaking at nameplate capability.

Horizonte CEO, Jeremy Martin, commented: “Araguaia is already totally permitted to begin development. The award of the ability licence bundle is a vital step in our path to manufacturing, and additional de-risks the Undertaking by securing the total energy requirement for industrial operation. The ability provide might be hydroelectric which is a key issue within the capability to provide a low CO 2 per tonne of product, in step with different Brazilian ferronickel producers, inserting Araguaia in the bottom half of carbon emitters globally for nickel manufacturing. We look ahead to updating the market on progress at Araguaia over the approaching months.”

For additional info, go to or contact:

Horizonte Minerals plc
Jeremy Martin (CEO)
Anna Legge (Company Communications)
+44 (0) 203 356 2901
Peel Hunt (NOMAD & Dealer)
Ross Allister
David McKeown
+44 (0)20 7418 8900

About Horizonte Minerals:
Horizonte Minerals plc is an AIM and TSX-listed nickel growth firm targeted in Brazil. The Firm is growing the Araguaia mission, as the subsequent main ferronickel mine in Brazil, and the Vermelho nickel-cobalt mission, with the intention of having the ability to provide nickel and cobalt to the EV battery market. Each initiatives are 100% owned.


Aside from statements of historic reality referring to the Firm, sure info contained on this press launch constitutes “forward-looking info” underneath Canadian securities laws. Ahead-looking info consists of, however shouldn’t be restricted to, the power of the Firm to finish the Acquisition as described herein, statements with respect to the potential of the Firm’s present or future property mineral initiatives; the success of exploration and mining actions; price and timing of future exploration, manufacturing and growth; the estimation of mineral sources and reserves and the power of the Firm to realize its targets in respect of rising its mineral sources; the power of the Firm to finish the Inserting as described herein, and the conclusion of mineral useful resource and reserve estimates. Typically, forward-looking info may be recognized by way of forward-looking terminology comparable to “plans”, “expects” or “doesn’t count on”, “is predicted”, “finances”, “scheduled”, “estimates”, “forecasts”, “intends”, “anticipates” or “doesn’t anticipate”, or “believes”, or variations of such phrases and phrases or statements that sure actions, occasions or outcomes “could”, “may”, “would”, “may” or “might be taken”, “happen” or “be achieved”. Ahead-looking info is predicated on the affordable assumptions, estimates, evaluation and opinions of administration made in gentle of its expertise and its notion of traits, present circumstances and anticipated developments, in addition to different components that administration believes to be related and affordable within the circumstances on the date that such statements are made, and are inherently topic to recognized and unknown dangers, uncertainties and different components which will trigger the precise outcomes, stage of exercise, efficiency or achievements of the Firm to be materially totally different from these expressed or implied by such forward-looking info, together with however not restricted to dangers associated to: the shortcoming of the Firm to finish the Acquisition as described herein, exploration and mining dangers, competitors from rivals with larger capital; the Firm’s lack of expertise with respect to development-stage mining operations; fluctuations in steel costs; uninsured dangers; environmental and different regulatory necessities; exploration, mining and different licences; the Firm’s future fee obligations; potential disputes with respect to the Firm’s title to, and the world of, its mining concessions; the Firm’s dependence on its capability to acquire ample financing sooner or later; the Firm’s dependence on its relationships with third events; the Firm’s joint ventures; the potential of forex fluctuations and political or financial instability in nations by which the Firm operates; forex change fluctuations; the Firm’s capability to handle its development successfully; the buying and selling marketplace for the odd shares of the Firm; uncertainty with respect to the Firm’s plans to proceed to develop its operations and new initiatives; the Firm’s dependence on key personnel; potential conflicts of curiosity of administrators and officers of the Firm, the shortcoming of the Firm to finish the Inserting on the phrases as described herein, and varied dangers related to the authorized and regulatory framework inside which the Firm operates. Though administration of the Firm has tried to establish essential components that might trigger precise outcomes to vary materially from these contained in forward-looking info, there could also be different components that trigger outcomes to not be as anticipated, estimated or supposed. There may be no assurance that such statements will show to be correct, as precise outcomes and future occasions may differ materially from these anticipated in such statements.

Award of Energy Line Licence for Araguaia Undertaking

Award of Energy Line Licence for Araguaia Undertaking

Award of Energy Line Licence for Araguaia Undertaking

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