Avatar 3: James Cameron explains why this film could be the last of the franchise

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Finally! After thirteen long years of waiting, Avatar returns with a sequel titled La Voie de l'eau. You will get your money's worth with this second part, the duration of which we reveal to you right here. But could it be that the film, which will be released in theaters on December 14, is already ready? the penultimate episode of the franchise? As you know, James Cameron, the director, planned to tell the story of the Na'Vis in 5 parts… However,  Avatar 3 may be the last of the saga for a reason that we reveal to you below.

Avatar 3: James Cameron explains why this movie could be the franchise's last

james cameron prepares for a failure

Invincible, Avatar is still number 1 at the box office after all these years , ahead of Avengers Endgame and Titanic. With his story at; its universal reach, its breathtaking sets, its innovative special effects, it has conquered spectators all over the world. However, will James Cameron be able to repeat this financial and artistic featafter a good decade of absence? This is what doubts the filmmaker, who confided in the film. to our colleagues from Total Film at; about it, arguing that if Avatar 2 and3 do not interest viewers, he doesn’t see why he would make two of them. more. 

Avatar 3: James Cameron explains why this movie could be the last of the franchise

The market could well tell us that we’re finished in three months, or rather; half damn. Then we'd be like, “Okay, let's finish the whole story with three movies and don’t talk for nothing if it's not lucrative… “. We are no longer in the same world as that of the time when I wrote the film. We've had two shocks since:the pandemic and streaming. Maybe we'll remind people what the cinema experience means. This is the purpose of this film. But the question is: how many people still care about it? do ?

As James Cameron rightly explains, since the release of the first Avatar , streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney+ have experienced a real advent and have shaken up the world. the habits of spectators. Attendance at cinemas is no longer as strong as before, and it is not certain that 3D is a sufficient argument to make the public enjoy themselves. ;square. Especially since tickets are expensive, on average around ten euros, and represent a budget for moviegoers. We will be fixed at this topic in a month and a half!