Autobudinok: yakim vin is guilty of buti

Autobudinok: yakim vin is guilty of buti

Auto booth: booty is to blame

Avtobudinok – a life on wheels, which is recognized for more expensive family care. Vin allows people to immerse themselves in some kind of world, enjoy the beauties of the world and not pay for renting an apartment. Deyakі people vikoristovuyut avtoboudinok near the life of the post.

History of the origin of the boudinka on wheels

The first rough houses appeared about 70 years ago. The stench has become very popular in America and Europe. Lovers to rise in price crowded around them. This year, a lot of car camping sites appeared, equipped with all the speeches necessary for life, including points that distribute wireless Internet.

Avtoboudinok: what is the fault of the buti

Body type – the main warehouse autobooth

The quality of a rukhom life can be deposited without interruption due to the fact that the furniture is refurbished in the middle of the body. It took an hour to form a deck of standard options:

  1. Alcove: maє nadbudovu over the cabin with a sleeping place. The body is made of lightweight sandwich panels with good heat-insulating power. Such an autobooth is bought for permanent living by a more expensive company of up to 7 people; There is a lot of free time here. The model guarantees the greatest comfort for the residents of the building;
  2. Integrations: there are no overheads, apparently the building houses can accommodate fewer people. Thermal insulation is characteristic. Auto is easier to manage.
  3. Zhytlovy minibus (kastenvagen). There is not enough space, the heat insulation is not so good, but it is enough for not too low temperatures. Place up to 4 osib.
  4. Zhitlov cabin. The model cannot be entered with a full hood for living. Vikoristovuetsya more importantly far-reachers. Ideal for short trips with a group of 2-3 people.

 Bus booth: it's the fault of the busi

On what varto should be given respect for the hour of choosing a bus booth

Transportation for comfort is more expensive due to the mother not only the correct type of body, but also the same technical characteristics. Specialists to take care of advancing factors:

  • steps: in them, to lay down the smoothness of transferring transport by cost, the amount of vantage, etc. Fiat is one of the best brands in the world. The company's products are cheap and can have the same high quality as Mercedes. Bad budget option – Ford;
  • tightness of the engine: it is to blame buti in the range of 120-130 k.s. Danish pokaznik guarantees the safety of passengers for an hour of traffic. Wart of memory: the autobooth is a large car, which is not strongly disassembled;
  • submenu of the log: especially important for those who plan to drive a charge; such a spread is rather weak. It is recommended to override the water heating;
  • air conditioning system: it is important to ensure that the air inlet in the cabin is safe. Better for all, install air conditioning in the basement;
  • priest house (marquee): to increase the space of the house for an hour of camping. Sleep in a new place, but sleep in the sleep of the woods – it's easy to finish it.

As a person, when choosing a bus booth, take all the factories to respect, then on the road you will be comfortable to finish yourself. The autobooth is a significantly more foldable, lower simple car, to this choice of varto there is even greater distance.

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