Australian men are more likely to lie about the size of their genitals

Some men sometimes tend to exaggerate the actual size of their penis. Moreover, this habit is characteristic of the inhabitants of all countries without exception. However, recent research has revealed which regions do this most often.

Australian men are more likely to lie about the size of their genitals

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Sociologists decided to conduct a rather interesting question for netizens from different countries. Moreover, not only men, but also women took part in the survey. The researchers asked ladies to name the length of the penis of the last sexual partner, while the representatives of the stronger sex were simply asked to express their own “dignity”. In total, during this experiment, scientists interviewed over 1.7 thousand people.

As a result, it was found that the inhabitants of Australia are most used to lying about the length of their penis, who on average exaggerate their real “characteristics” by 17%. For example, according to Australians, the average penis size for men with whom they had an intimate relationship is about 15 centimeters, while their compatriots said that they can boast an average of 18 centimeters.

However, experts add, to some extent, the inhabitants of Australia themselves could have exaggerated the real numbers. The fact is that according to the available data, the average length of the penis of men from this country is only 13 centimeters.

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