Aurélie Pons (Here it all begins): “Salomé fell in love with Maxime unwittingly”

Aurélie Pons (Here it all begins): “Salomé fell in love with Maxime unwittingly”

Aurélie Pons (Here it all begins):

Here it all begins: Can Salomé and Maxime become a couple? Aurélie Pons confides (Interview) In 2019, Aurélie Pons was talked about for having given up on the Miss France competition for love for her boyfriend, Carlos. A year later, we find her in Here everything begins, on TF1, in the role of Salomé. During the press day on the set, PRBK had the opportunity to interview the young actress to find out more about her career, her meeting with Clément Remiens or the relationship between Maxime Delcourt and his character!

Purebreak: Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Aurélie Pons: I did theater for several years, but it is true that at home, the profession of actress did not exist. Suddenly, I studied communication to have a less artistic degree, which suits my parents. Afterwards, I did modeling, but I knew I didn't want to do that all my life. I always wanted to be an actress, I did not give up.

We didn't have much time to get to know each other before with Clément Remiens

What do your parents think about it now?

Now they are happy. They finally changed their minds about the job and then my father is a fan of Tomorrow belongs to us .

What do you like about the character of Salomé in Here it all begins?

I love Salomé. I like its melancholy, tormented, romantic, blue flower side. There are things I find at home so it's cool.

How was your meeting Clément Remiens?

It was great. I was lucky because he's cool, but it was a little confusing because it was so fast. We didn't have much time to get to know each other before. We practically knew each other on the set, even if we saw each other before for a text reading.

Salome's heart swings

Can Salomé get into a relationship with Maxime (Clément Remiens)?

She is very divided, she has a lot of doubts. It's difficult, her heart swings especially since she fell in love with Maxime unwittingly and without expecting it. Salome will surely make people jealous in any case.

And with the other young actors, it was?

It was super simple, they're all so cool. We have affinities especially with those with whom we play the most.

Is it a pressure to play with actors like Frédéric Diefenthal, Vanessa Demouy, Francis Huster …?

It's an honor and they are so caring that the pressure drops. They all give a lot, especially Francis Huster. It helps to play.

Is the generation difference felt on the set?

No because they are super young in their head. They really care about us.

And how did it go in Tomorrow belongs to us?

In fact, we started shooting Here everything begins before Tomorrow belongs to us so that we can make our characters our own. It was good in that sense. There was a great atmosphere on the set and I loved Sète. There are worse places to work.

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