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This coup comes while Peter Nygard is still awaiting his sentence in preventive detention since the guilty verdict handed down at his trial.

Attorney Brian Greenspan recuses himself from Peter Nygard trial

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Peter Nygard must find another lawyer to represent him at sentencing hearings, the date of which has not yet been set since he was found guilty in November of raping 4 women at the end of his trial before a jury. (Archive photo)

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The fallen Canadian fashion designer will have to find another lawyer to complete the phase of his trial for sexual assault in Toronto. An Ontario judge has granted his ex-lawyer Brian Greenspan's request to recuse himself for professional reasons.

The disgraced fashion mogul appeared Wednesday morning from a bed in the Toronto jail's hospital wing, where he remains awaiting sentencing following his November 12, 2023 guilty verdict. /p>

The 82-year-old man said he was too weak to move to the booth dedicated to videoconference appearances. The judge consented to being given a cell phone to hear closing arguments.

Peter Nygard was found guilty of raping 4 women in his first criminal trial in the country, but he has still not been sentenced.

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Brian Greenspan's request comes at a very bad time, between the end of the trial and the upcoming sentencing hearing.

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Brian Greenspan, Peter Nygard's lawyer, enters the Toronto courthouse on September 26, 2023 for jury selection in his client's trial. (Archive photo)

The renowned lawyer, however, explains to Justice Robert Goldstein of the Superior Court of Ontario, that the bond of trust which united him with his client was broken.

He assures that the question of Peter Nygard's fees has nothing to do with his decision, but rather raises ethical and professional questions without further details.

Mr. Greenspan added that he had already notified a Manitoba court last Friday that he will not represent his client during his second criminal trial for sexual assault in this province.

He also declared that this is the second time in his 50-year career that [he] has asked to withdraw from a case… for the same client.

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Peter Nygard as he leaves court, Sunday November 12, 2023, after the guilty verdict fell. (File photo)

Questioned about this by Judge Goldstein, Peter Nygard said that Mr. Greenspan's decision was premature at this time- here, but that he wants the transfer of files to be done in a friendly and non-confrontational manner.

The former designer confirms that the special relationship he had with the Toronto lawyer is broken.

He further specifies that he is dying, because he contracted an illness on December 1, while refraining from it reveal nature.

In his decision, the magistrate explained that there was no reason to delay Mr. Greenspan's challenge, even if Peter Nygard has not yet been convicted.

He nevertheless asked Peter Nygard to hire a new lawyer as quickly as possible to conclude this trial.

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Peter Nygard, who answers questions from Brian Greenspan here, had agreed to testify in his own defense trial in Toronto. (Archival illustration)

Peter Nygard will have to return to Toronto court on January 30 to set a date for his sentencing hearing.

The Crown did not oppose Mr. Greenspan's motion. Prosecutor Ana Serban nevertheless affirms that it will be necessary to consider the possibility that Peter Nygard defends himself alone during these hearings if he does not find a lawyer.

Peter Nygard faces a maximum of 10 years in prison in Ontario for the rape of four women, which occurred at his former Toronto fashion studio between 1986 and 2005.

Peter Nygard's third trial, scheduled for this summer in Quebec, is, however, not affected by Mr. Greenspan's decision, since he had already said last fall to Radio-Canada that a French-speaking law firm had been chosen to represent him in this latest case.

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