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Attacked in prison, ex- police officer Derek Chauvin “should survive”” /></p>
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<p class=Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is serving a 22-and-a-half-year prison sentence for the murder of George Floyd. (Archive photo)

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Derek Chauvin, l&#x27 Former Minneapolis police officer convicted of killing George Floyd is expected to survive serious injuries after being stabbed by another inmate at a federal prison in Arizona, the Minnesota attorney general's office said Saturday. denouncing the attack.

The stabbing occurred Friday at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson, a medium-security prison plagued by security lapses and understaffing. This was confirmed by a person familiar with the matter, who was not authorized to publicly discuss the attack and who spoke to the Associated Press (AP) under the cover of anonymity.

We've heard that [Derek Chauvin] is expected to survive.

A quote from Brian Evans, spokesperson for the Minnesota Attorney General's Office

The Federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed an assault at the facility and said employees performed rescue measures before the inmate was taken to a hospital for treatment and further evaluation. The Bureau of Prisons did not name the victim or provide medical status for privacy and security reasons.

Prosecutors who successfully secured a second-degree murder conviction against Chauvin at a jury trial in 2021, expressed dismay that he became the target of violence while in federal custody .

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Keith Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General (File photo)

I am sad to learn that Derek Chauvin was the target of violence. He was duly convicted of his crimes and, like any incarcerated individual, should be able to serve his sentence without fear of reprisal or violence, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said in a statement.

The Bureau of Prisons said no employees at the Tucson facility were injured in the attack and that the FBI had been informed. The facility has approximately 380 inmates.

Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, told the AP on Saturday that he would not wish what happened to Chauvin on anyone and that #x27;he was stunned when he first heard the news.

I'm not going to devote my energy to anything that happens within these four walls – because my energy has been devoted to bringing it within these four walls. Whatever happens within these four walls, I don't really have any feelings about it.

A quote from Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd

Chauvin's stabbing is the second high-profile attack on a federal prisoner in the past five months. In July, disgraced sports doctor Larry Nassar was stabbed by a fellow inmate at a Florida federal penitentiary.

Chauvin, 47, was sent to Tucson Penitentiary from a maximum security state prison in Minnesota in August 2022 to concurrently serve a 21-year federal sentence for violating Mr. Floyd's civil rights and a 22-year state sentence years and a half for second degree murder.

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The death of George Floyd relaunched the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States And in the world. (File photo)

Chauvin's lawyer, Eric Nelson, had argued to keep him away from the general population and other inmates, anticipating that he would become a target. In Minnesota, Chauvin was kept primarily in solitary confinement largely for his own protection, Mr. Nelson wrote in court papers last year.

Last week, the United States Supreme Court rejected Chauvin's appeal of his murder conviction. Separately, Chauvin is seeking to overturn his federal guilty plea, saying new evidence shows he did not cause Floyd's death.

George Floyd, a Black man, died on May 25, 2020, after Chauvin pressed his knee on his neck for nine and a half minutes on the street outside a convenience store where Mr. Floyd was suspected of #x27;attempted to pass a counterfeit $20 bill.

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