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Assaulted by Tigers players, the victim testifies: “denounce”” /></p>
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<p class=Nicolas Daigle, left, and Massimo Siciliano, right (Archive photo)

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The victim of ex-Victoriaville Tigres players Nicolas Daigle and Massimo Siciliano found herself facing her attackers at the courthouse in Quebec, Monday.

The young woman, who cannot be identified under a publication ban, testified at the hearings aimed at determining the sentence of the two hockey players who attacked her in June 2021. Nicolas Daigle also took speaking, saying he lives in shame and regret after having mourned his career as a professional hockey player.

I am here to encourage people to denounce, despite everything that entails.

A quote from Excerpt from the victim's testimony

17 years old and vulnerable, she compared herself to a sardine ideal for their fishing net fish.

She had agreed to join Nicolas Daigle in his hotel room, insisting on being alone with him. But when she arrived, she found herself face to face with her two attackers.

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With their team, the two young men celebrated after winning the big final of the Quebec Major Junior League, a few hours earlier at the Videotron Center.

I fell into a trap, declares the victim, who felt subsequently felt guilty, believing that she should not have been there.

It's not my fault. I was the victim of a sexual assault.

A quote from Excerpt from the victim's testimony

The crime had many consequences for her, including having to go through the entire legal process, which the two accused stretched out by choosing to plead guilty at the last minute, on the day of the trial.

After months of living in anxiety, she felt angry.

At that moment, I felt a second time that these people had exercised control over me, she told the judge.

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Nicolas Daigle and Massimo Siciliano (Archive photo)

The young woman had a thought for the family and loved ones of her two attackers, who also had to experience upheaval.

But above all, she repeats that denunciation is important to respect oneself as an individual.

Judge Thomas Jacques highlighted her courage at the end of her testimony.

She left the courtroom taking a quick glance at his two attackers, seated side by side in the first row of the room.

At 21, Nicolas Daigle hoped to find himself on a professional hockey team rather than in the dock.

He testified to the mourning he had to make of his career, having obtained an invitation to the Anaheim Ducks camp, an invitation which was canceled after his indictment in October 2021.

I live with a lot of shame and regret, he assures. He offered a sincere apology to the victim for his thoughtless and totally inappropriate action.

It's not his fault. It's entirely my responsibility.

A quote from Nicolas Daigle, ex-Tigers player and accused

The young man's lawyer submitted his report cards to show his excellent academic record.

She also questioned him about the trophies and the honors he received in the world of hockey for his community involvement.

Me Pénélope Lemay-Provencher has also filed around fifteen letters from people who praise his client.

In one of them, Tigres general manager Kevin Cloutier describes Daigle as a unifying, respectful, highly appreciated and disciplined player.

Nicolas Daigle now works on a farm while studying finance.

He says the events made him think . He has since read two books on the concept of consent, includingA man, quite simply, by Janette Bertrand.

His victim was right to emphasize how much collateral damage his crime could have caused, even within his family. When the affair came to light, Daigle's sister was bullied at school and had to change schools.

The lawyers have not yet announced their colors as to the sentence that should be imposed.

On the other hand, Me Lemay-Provencher has confirmed told Daigle that he was ready to carry out community work and financially compensate the victim.

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Massimo Siciliano (left) is scheduled to testify Tuesday. (File photo)

These types of offers are usually used to avoid a prison sentence or sentence to be served in the community.

Observations on the sentence will continue on Tuesday. Massimo Siciliano must then testify in turn, as will two experts hired by the hockey players to evaluate them.

The lawyers will subsequently propose the sentence that #x27;they consider it reasonable for Judge Thomas Jacques, who will have to decide.

The Court of Quebec has scheduled four days of hearing.< /p>

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