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Attack on Russian radar “Voronezh-M”: what tasks are performed by these systems

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

Strike on the Russian radar

A Ukrainian drone attacked the “Voronezh-M” air target detection radar station over the horizon. It is located near Orsk, which is 1,800 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. In total, the Russians had a system of 10 such stations.

This is not the first time that Ukraine has struck long-range detection systems, because the Voronezh-DM radar was previously hit. Aviation expert, deputy general director of the company Anatolii Khrapchynskyi, of the WEB production, told 24 Kanal that significant damage to the building and equipment was also recorded then.

What is the importance of radars

In Orsk, there was significant damage to the buildings that house the main equipment. In general, these radars perform the task of early warning of the launch of ballistic missiles or missiles with a nuclear warhead. Thanks to the systems, Russia can see what is happening at a distance of about 6,000 kilometers.

It is worth noting that these systems are part of the Russian nuclear triad and deal with notification of possible threats. The attack on the radar shows the whole world how unreliable the protection of objects that are of essential importance for Russia is.

We can only imagine the state of Russian nuclear weapons at that time. After all, they cannot protect even the antennas themselves, which should warn about threats, – noted Anatoly Khrapchynskyi.

He added that such strikes must be continued. They vividly confirm Ukraine's ability to conduct operations at a very long distance. After all, our drones covered 1,800 kilometers to the target.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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