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rk Na Atletico gives life to Madrid - The Times Hub

Atletico gives life to Madrid

Two battering rams synthesized a Madrid derby that did not completely relieve any neighbor, and did give Barça gasoline. When Atlético forgot about Luis Suárez, absolute leader of the first development of the match, Madrid remembered Benzema, total administrator of the last act of the clash . They symbolized the script of the match. From an authoritarian and determined Atlético to an Atlético lying near Oblak. From a Madrid forced to a role of resistance to a final Madrid to the beat of the drum.

This time, with the ball as luggage, Atlético ruled from the start. Opposite, a spectacular, bland Madrid. A real spectator of his neighbor, gathering with the ball and with better occupation of the spaces. Until he pulled the blanket towards Oblak, that Atlético who, although spasmodically, this course has been more capable than ever in times of cholismo to chat with the ball. His alignment demanded it, with a lot of rojiblanco with an offensive vocation and with an offensive spirit. But the list of recruits has not always been in line with the scoreboard, as it happened against Chelsea.

Atletico gives life to Madrid


Atletico gives life to Madrid

AtléticoOblak, Trippier, Savic, Felipe Monteiro, Mario Hermoso, Carrasco (João Félix, min. 63), Marcos Llorente, Koke , Lemar (Saúl, min. 56), Correa (Kondogbia, min. 81) and Luis Suárez Real Madrid Courtois, Varane, Ferland Mendy, Nacho, Lucas Vázquez, Modric, Kroos, Casemiro, Marco Asensio (Federico Valverde, min. 59), Rodrygo (Vinicius Junior, min. 59) and Benzema Goles1-0 min. 14: Luis Suarez. 1-1 min. 87: Benzema. Referee Alejandro José Hernández Hernández Yellow cards Carrasco (min. 63), Varane (min. 66), Correa (min. 71), João Félix (min. 79), Savic (min. 89) and Marcos Llorente (min. 91)

Expansive during For almost an hour, Simeone's box pivoted on Koke and gave wings to Lemar, Llorente, Correa and Carrasco. All with a final point: Luis Suárez . Hesitant Madrid, Atlético went and went. And with result. Llorente, who has more than one turbo, knocked Nacho down and the timing that Suárez offered him deserved a soccer symposium. The Uruguayan met with his comrade just a fourth before being out of place. A millimetric Suárez to start and a Suárez as stylist as effective for the pass to the net. Courtois, with his big body and pinwheel arms, blinds the goal to anyone. But the Uruguayan has faced similar challenges for centuries. A solution within the reach of few: a strike with the outer instep of the right foot, a touch with three fingers to avoid the bulky Courtois. A great goal: because of Llorente's propeller stride, Suárez's dribbling offside and his coup de grace

Controversial hand

The goal did not produce any immediate jolt during the course of the game. With hardly any warnings in the areas, Atlético was liked more, much less predictable. Madrid stiffer, without running, without overflow, with Rodrygo and Asensio with no major intention than to process the game. Only visitor blank was perceived. The opposite of the mattress rows. Suarez was a constant alarm for whites. Madrid did not give with whom to put Atlético on alert. Just rushed by a Casemiro shot blocked by Oblak. Of course, unintentionally, his best opportunity is almost provided by Felipe

Atlético and Real Madrid tie in the derby and the fight for LaLiga remains open

Until then, rather than appealing to the game, Real was left with the most recurrent debate and tedious these days. The happy hands, that referee Sanskrit. Felipe missed a header and the ball slipped on his left arm, which the Brazilian defender did not seem to be busy with. The referee of the tip-off gave the tip to the field judge, which usually leads to a colleague. Not this time. The referee reviewed the play and said odd . In the first hundred years of football, such involuntariness would not have been whistled. Today Yes. Or not. Depending on rain or shine, day or night … Who knows? A gibberish.

There was no more visiting argument against Oblak in the entire first section than the fight over the alleged penalty. Back from the truce, Suarez again as the flag. A priceless vent for your companions. Tireless, the old man (they said) Suárez both agitated his family and others. It was never a fixed target. Of those types that aggravate for the adversary until a melonazo that reaches him. Partner of all, he left Carrasco in front of Courtois, Courtois again in capital letters. The Uruguayan himself checked the rank of the Belgian goalkeeper a couple of times. But little by little Atlético insisted on playing two games: the result of the match and that of Suárez. He had horizons, but he lacked decision and precision

The white changes

The Real did not emerge, so Zidane again sent the dark room to the extremes – this day the insubstantial Rodrygo and Asensio – and opted for Valverde and Vinicius. Madrid won the day, urged on by the scoreboard and invited to the Oblak area by an increasingly opaque rival, more and more screwed up near his goalkeeper.

Not even the entry of João Félix gave Simeone's men another stretch. Yes, Vinicius did, with the self-confidence that Rodrygo and Asensio had not had. A misstep by Correa allowed the Brazilian to sprint towards the local goal and carve out a Versailles pass for Benzema. Finally, Benzema in the derby . But Oblak, despite the little cut so far, was not having a snack. At close range, the Slovenian took a double shot from the Madrid captain. A blink later, he also became great in a free kick by the Frenchman.

The match was already rolling at Benzema's feet when the Frenchman threw an action with the team's other scorer, Casemiro. The Brazilian, defender at times, pivot at others and increasingly vocational striker, made a carom with Benzema and the pot. Arcana of football. When the rojiblancos had more shrapnel near their goal, two Madridistas assaulted the ranch from the center lane. After Benzema's draw there were a couple of sighs left, but Real ended up bare-chested. Atlético had been begging for the final whistle for a long time.

From Luis Suárez to Benzema, the change of needles left Barça closer to Atlético – three points – and Real Madrid further away from Barça – two. Of course, Cholo Simeone's men have one more bullet left, this week against Athletic. LaLiga still has intrigues. And not only by the happy hands.

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