Atlético de Madrid player went up to the stands to face the fan

Atlético de Madrid player went up to the stands to face the fan

Mario Hermoso did not resist the fans' claim and decided to jump into the stands. The moment was recorded by the fans.

Atletico de Madrid player went up to the stand to face a fan

Atlético player from Madrid went up to the rostrum to face the fan. (Photo: Diffusion)

Athletic Madridthey fell to Villarreal 2-0 at home and in the last minutes of the match, which generated discomfort among the fans present at the Wanda Metropolitano, who criticized the players.

The reaction was answered by Mario Hermoso, the Colchonero defender who went up to one of the stands to face the fans who remembered his past at Real Madrid. The defender was arrested by security agents who prevented any physical response from the footballer or the fans.

While Hermoso was in the stands, bottles were thrown but none managed to hit the footballer who has not yet spoken out about what happened.

Atlético de Madrid is in eighth position in LaLiga with 3 points, 3 less than leader Villarreal. The next meeting of the Colchoneros will be against Valencia on Monday, August 29.

“The characteristics of the game as they were. Very tactical, strategic, they tried to get us out of our position so that our anxiety would get us out of place,” said Diego Simeone, Atlético de Madrid coach, at the end of the match.