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Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un pose for a photo during their meeting in Vladivostok, Russia, on April 25, 2019. (Archive photo)

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North Korea and Russia clashed Tuesday with the United States, South Korea and their allies during an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Pyongyang's latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch, which it called a “warning countermeasure” to threats from the United States and others hostile forces.

North Korean Ambassador Kim Song said it was the most dangerous year in the Korean Peninsula's military-security landscape, highlighting intensified drills military relations between the United States and South Korea and the deployment by the United States of nuclear-powered submarines and other nuclear assets in the region, which have raised the risk of nuclear war.

The United States and nine allies have seen five North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile launches, more than 25 ballistic missile launches and three satellite launches using ballistic missile technology this year, violating several UN Security Council resolutions. #x27;UN and threatening the peace and stability of its neighbors and the international community.

In a statement read just before the council meeting by Deputy US Ambassador Robert Wood, flanked by diplomats from other countries, the ten countries condemned the latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch on December 18 and all previous launches.

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The North Korean leader, seen in the photos with his daughter dressed in a pink fur jacket, observes the launch of a missile that would be capable of hitting American territory, December 18, 2023. (Archive photo)

North Korea

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Kim Song urged the international community to consider North Korea's security concerns, calling its countermeasures an absolutely reasonable, normal and thoughtful response in exercising its legitimate right of self-defense.

He warned the United States and South Korea that if they continue their reckless and irresponsible military threat, the North Korean armed forces will never remain spectators and the provocateurs will be held fully responsible for all consequences. /p>Open in full screen mode

North Korean Ambassador to the UN, Kim Song, before a press conference in New York, in October 2019. (File photo)

North Korea will also continue to develop its strategic power in a more advanced manner to contain and control any threats emanating from the United States and its supporters with immediate, overwhelming and decisive countermeasures, the North Korea warned. ;Ambassador Kim.

The Security Council imposed sanctions after North Korea's first nuclear test in 2006 and has strengthened them over time. years in a total of 10 resolutions aimed – so far unsuccessfully – at reducing funds and curbing its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

The last resolution on sanctions was adopted by the Council in December 2017. China and Russia vetoed a resolution sponsored by the United States in May 2022 which would have imposed new sanctions following a series of intercontinental ballistic missile launches.

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At the security council, the American ambassador to UN Nikki Haley votes in favor of sanctions against North Korea, December 2017. (File photo)

Since then, the two veto-wielding council members have blocked all council action, including media statements.

The ten countries – Albania, Ecuador, France, Japan, Malta, South Korea, Slovenia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States – said the Security Council's silence sends the wrong message to Pyongyang and all contributing countries to nuclear proliferation.

They urged North Korea to abandon its illegal nuclear and ballistic missile programs, and instead invest in feeding the North Korean population and to engage in diplomacy. They also urged all members of the Security Council to overcome their prolonged silence and maintain the nuclear non-proliferation regime.

Russia's deputy ambassador to the UN, Anna Evstigneeva, called attempts to condemn Pyongyang a unilateral approach.

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The heads of state of North Korea and Russia meet at the Vostochny Cosmodrome, Russia, in September 2023. (File photo)

She warned that the situation is currently escalating to a dangerous point, stressing that Pyongyang and Seoul justify their hostile actions as self-defense.

She accused the United States of deploying its massive military machine in the region, saying it increasingly looks like preparations for an offensive operation, even though the United States maintains it has not no hostile intent.

Ms. Evstigneeva said Russia once again calls for a peaceful settlement of all issues on the Korean Peninsula through political and diplomacy without external pressure.

Robert Wood, the deputy ambassador of the United States, replied that the American military exercises are defensive and that it #It is North Korea that has violated UN Security Council resolutions – not South Korea, Japan or the United States.

He added that the United States had repeatedly tried to have an unconditional dialogue with Pyongyang, but the latter refused.< /p>

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