At the hands of the inmates it would have been the murder of the alleged abuser of Hilary Castro: “They threw him to the ground, jumped on his ribs and stepped on his head”

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A witness to the events spoke to a Colombian media outlet about what allegedly happened to Juan Pablo González and has several coincidences with what the National Institute pointed out of Legal Medicine

At the hands of the inmates it would have been the murder of the alleged abuser of Hilary Castro: “They threw him to the ground, they jumped on his ribs and stepped on his head

URI of Puente Aranda where Juan Pablo González died

A few weeks ago, Bogotá was dismayed after learning of the abuse that denounced Hilary Castro. The young woman told on social networks how she had been the victim of a subject who was at the Castellana station and that after denouncing justice she had not taken action on the matter. The event became so widespread that it led to protests in the streets by women demanding justice, which produced an immediate reaction from the authorities who finally found the whereabouts of Juan Pablo González, who was immediately captured. . However, after being placed at the Puente Aranda URI, the subject was found dead.

At first, the case seemed a mystery, since initially it was said that the accused of abuse had no signs of violence, but days later the autopsy showed that González's body had multiple bruises all over his body that would have caused his death. Now the magazine Semana, has brought to light more details of the events, where a person who was at the scene of the events on the day of the death of Juan Pablo González revealed that everything had been planned by a gang that exists within this URI and is known as 'Los Plumas', that there was complicity by the police and that the defendant's procedure did not comply with due process.

“As soon as he entered, they transferred him to cell four, when all the detainees must spend a minimum of four days in cell eight, which is the temporary one,” said the witness whose identity was not revealed for his safety, as the gang would have threatened to the 80 inmates who were there.

The person who spoke to the national media, assured that González's death would have been caused by six members of the gang and that what seemed to be a beating turned into a homicide, because even after realizing that the alleged abuser of Hilary was unconscious, they poured water on his face and put him in the bathroom, but he never woke up, later they put him in the middle of the cell, and that's when the police noticed that he had been murdered.

“Juan Pablo was murdered by six people who are the violent group. A regime that lives here in terror and corruption together with all the custody and some high command (…) they threw it to the ground and these six people, under the command of alias El Tío, alias Derby and alias Junior , they kicked him… Alias ​​Blacho, who is the most bloodthirsty of all, jumped on his ribs until he broke them, and alias Jeferson stomped on Juan Pablo's head”, he added.

The person also noted that alleged abusers and rapists with beatings are always “welcomed” in this space: “They themselves authorize the beatings once the security measure is effective. people who arrive for sexual crimes.”

The testimony confirms what was stated in the opinion of Medina Legal on the subject's death, since The document states that multiple blows were found on his body and his head, without hair. Even, that said traumatisms would have destroyed his internal organs, causing internal bleeding, which finally ended his life.