At the front, dying Hero of Ukraine

At the front, dying Hero of Ukraine

The hero of Ukraine died at the front

Photo: Anatoly Shtirlits' Telegram

Vyiskovoservluzhovets of the 72nd mechanized brigade named after Chornikh Zaporozhtsiv, Senior Lieutenant of the Defense Forces of Ukraine Andriy Verkhoglyad, having perished in battles with the Russian occupiers.

“ Ukraine has spent one more Hero. Andriy Verkhoglyad "Livsha"… There are no words… Speak well to your homeland, to your close, kindred brothers. Vіyna trivaє… Revenge!”, – 72nd Specialized Brigade named after Chornikh Zaporozhtsiv.

Andriy Verkhoglyad "Livsha" – ZSU officer. Born near the town of Novograd-Volinsky, Zhytomyr region, in the homeland of military servicemen. Did, father and brother – Viysk. When the war broke out, I entered the 2nd year of the National Academy of Land Military named after Hetman Petro Sahaydachny. Vіn nagorodzheniya non-powerful nagorod People's Hero of Ukraine, watching the battles in the area of ​​Avdiyivka in 2017 (position “Diamond”).

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich