At the campsite “Les Flots Bleus” marked by the fires, “we are not going to complain because there is no more shade”

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you like it (6/7) In August, we put on the stove, the dry toilets (or not), the flirt at the corner of the fire or at the disco party and on Patrick 3.0. Anyway, in August, “20 Minutes” tells you about the new version “camping”

At the campsite “ Les Flots Bleus ” by the fires, “we're not going to complain because there's no more shade”

The fires of summer 2022 destroyed a large part of the trees at Les Flots Bleus campsite, which is about to embark on a major replanting project. — Mickaël Bosredon

  • An absolute symbol of popular holidays, the campsite may have suffered from a redneck image, denigrated by snobs. But in recent years, it has evolved profoundly, between disconnection, self-management and audiovisual influences.
  • In several episodes, 20 Minutes traces the changes in a vacation mode acclaimed by million French people each summer.
  • On the occasion of this sixth episode, we went to the campsite Les Flots Bleus, at the foot of the Dune du Pilat, THE campsite of the eponymous film, but which will have to reinvent itself after the fires of summer 2022.

Impossible to embark on a series on campsites in France, without going through Les Flots Bleus. Archetype of the campsite at; the old one, even if it also claims its own trademark, Les Flots Bleus, created in 1966 at the foot of the Dune du Pilat in the Bassin d’Arcachon, it’s of course THE campsite of the eponymous film incarnated; by Patrick Chirac, alias Franck Dubosc.

At the “Les Flots Bleus” campsite” marked by fires, &ldquo ”we’t gonna complain because there’s no more shade”

Les Flots Bleus campsite at the foot of the Dune du Pilat in the Arcachon basin. – Mickaël Bosredon

But, a year after the terrible fires that marked the Gironde, and partially or totally destroyed the campsites of the Dune du Pilat, the atmosphere has not yet returned completely to the party, and the spirits remain marked. “We lost everything in three hours, recalls the director of Flots BleusFrank Couderc. It’s an unprecedented disaster, and it’s been an absolute tragedy for the workers, the owners and myself.”

“It sends shivers down the spine to see how the landscape has been ; upset”

The teams, however, quickly rolled up up their sleeves to “turn the page”. “We started the slightly crazy gamble of reopening like every year at the beginning of spring, and the gamble has been met; held since we have been the first of the five campsites of the dune at agrave; reopen on April 3.”

At the campsite “Les Flots Bleus ” marked by fires, “we are not going to complain because’ there's no more shade”

Franck Couderc, director of the dune-Les Flots Bleus campsite, at the foot of the Pilat dune. – Mickaël Bosredon

Of course, after damage estimated at between eight and ten million euros, the site is far from having recovered. all its superb. And will still have to wait before presenting its new post-fire face. In particular, the establishment is still awaiting building permits to reinstall its permanent housing. Mobile toilets temporarily replace the destroyed toilets. Above all, the campsite suffers from the disappearance of many trees. “We lack shade, recognizes Franck Couderc, we tried arrangements to remedy this, but it’s complicated.”

“We expected what çhas changed, but we’re still not going to complain because there’s no longer shade, it’s understandable, ”said L’a. This young Norman is a regular at the place, since it’s her fourth stay in five years.

At the campsite “Les Flots Bleus ” marked by fires, “we are not going to complain because’ there is no more shadow”

Léa, a regular at Les Flots Bleus campsite, appreciates the setting but also the atmosphere and the entertainment. – Mickaël Bosredon

“2022 is the only year we didn't come… Chance, she continues. It was important to come back this year, if only to support them. It did, however, send chills down our spines to see how the landscape has been. upset. ”

“The dune does 90% of the job”

The holidaymakers we met this Thursday were just as understanding of the lack of facilities. “There will always be people who are upset, but we have worked hard. to offer maximum comfort to customers, and every day we receive messages of support”, assures Franck Couderc. And when you ask the same customers why they chose Les Flots Bleus, they all point to the Dune du Pilat, which rises majestically at the foot of the campsite.

At the campsite “Les Flots Bleus ” marked by fires, “we are not going to complain because’ there's no more shade”

Les Flots Bleus campsite has direct access to the the Pilat dune. – Mickaël Bosredon

“The dune does 90% of the job,” admits Franck Couderc. Even if its power of attraction is not without posing other problems. “We receive many messages accusing us of not being nice, because we have to drive away those who try to cross the campsite to climb the dune, explains Franck Couderc. There are so many people that I even had to hire a security guard, present every afternoon. We don’t like to be the police, but we must preserve the tranquility. of those who paid their stay.”

“The film gave back the taste of camping to people”

But it's not just the dune. L&ld’s also said that she enjoys “the atmosphere of the campsite, and the entertainment”. “Our philosophy is that all campers can find themselves here, explains the director. On a small perimeter there can be two mobile homes, a tent and a motorhome. We want that mix, it’s the principle of camping.” A principle that some find, however, onerous. “ A pitch in a tent for ten days is around 500 euros for six people, çit remains accessible, because you can benefit from the swimming pool, the entertainment, the mini-club, the dune… Permanent rentals are a little more expensive [count 1,000-1,200 euros for a week in a mobile home], but there is something for everyone.”

The dune, the atmosphere… And the movie Campingdoes it also contribute to the success of the establishment? “He didn’t generate more turnover, maintains Franck Couderc, on the other hand he brought; notoriety, as people stop to take pictures. Above all, the film gave back the taste of camping to people.”

“Planting will give a new look to the campsite”

Will the campsite have to reinvent itself, faced with the risk of fire? Not really, says Franck Couderc, who believes « already take into account » this item for years. However, changes will be made. “We hope to get our planning permission in October,” From then on, we will start planting so as not to waste time. We will leave on a mixture of oaks and pines, the oak having manifested its better fire resistance. This will give a completely new aspect to the campsite. The concrete block walls will be replaced by wooden walls for better integration. And we are in the process of equipping ourselves with photovoltaic lights and systems with water recovery, to be more virtuous ».

For the rest, “we are going back to a construction at a high level. identical, warns Franck Couderc. The surfaces will remain the same, with around 240 pitches, including around 50 hard housing.” Because there is no question of losing “the family and friendly state of mind” from this historic campsite on the Dune du Pilat.