At the border, detained a “dodger” with a manicure, who pretended to be a woman (photo)

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On the border with Hungary, an evader was detained who pretended to be a woman. This reports the State Border Service of Ukraine.

The day before, the border guards of the " ;Forks" received information from the operatives of the Mukachevo detachment. They stopped three men at the border who were trying to illegally cross the border outside the checkpoints.

Detained citizens of Ukraine liable for military service. One of the men tried to pretend to be a woman (even did a bright manicure) , however, he eventually admitted to cheating.

Detained at the border " evader

The men tried to illegally leave the country in order to avoid mobilization.

The detainees were drawn up on administrative offenses under Art.  204-1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses “Illegal crossing or attempted illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine”, protocols were drawn up, the cases were sent to court.

Men are waiting for a meeting with employees of the territorial recruitment center.

An evader was detained at the border with a manicure that pretended to be a woman (photo)

BAGNET recalls that the day before the Cabinet of Ministers approved a resolution complicating the travel of officials abroad.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga  

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