At least four Cuban rafters drowned when trying to reach the Florida coast

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The US Coast Guard reported this Sunday the incident, in which nine people were rescued alive and five more are being sought

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At least four Cuban rafters drowned trying to reach the Florida coast

A Key West Coast Guard station rescued people in the water about 3 miles south of Key Bone, Florida, on July 6, 2022. The Cubans were repatriated to Cuba on July 8, 2022. (US Coast Guard)

At least four Cuban migrants drowned this Saturday after the shipwreck in which they were trying to reach the coast of the United States and in which a total of 19 people were traveling.

The US Coast Guard reported the incident on Sunday, in which nine people were rescued alive and five more are being sought.

“Teams are searching for five people, some 50 miles off Little Torch Cay after a group put out to sea in a homemade boat that capsized during a botched migration venture. Nine people were rescued, one person recovered dead,” the Coast Guard first reported on Twitter.

In a later message, it confirms that “four people immediately drowned” after capsizing the ship. “Some of those rescued wore life jackets, which saved their lives in 2-2.5 meter deep seas and 50 km/h winds,” the Coast Guard reported.

In October, at least five Cubans, among them a minor, died after the a Cuban Border Guard vessel collided with a speedboat coming from Miami, in which they were trying to leave from the island more than twenty people.

The boat was carrying 23 people and it capsized after the impact of the border guard boat. As a result, a man, three women and a girl died.

At least four Cuban rafters drowned while trying to reach the Florida coast

File photo of a group of Cuban immigrants arriving on the Florida coast in a boat. EFE/Archivo

The sinking occurred north of Bahía Honda (Artemisa province), when the boat was transporting the rafters to the United States  in the midst of a wave of migration that in just one year, after the popular rebellion of July 11, has caused the exodus of at least 220,000 Cubans.

The United States Embassy in Havana offered its condolences for the incident through its Twitter account.

“The United States sends our condolences to the families of the Cubans who died today in an accident north of Bahía Honda. As we expand safe and legal pathways for migration, we caution against attempting dangerous and sometimes fatal irregular migration,” the tweet read.

October 2021 to August 2022 , about 200,000 Cubans were intercepted by US authorities, either crossing the border between the United States and Mexico by land or across into Florida by sea, according to figures from Customs and Border Protection.

At least four Cuban rafters drowned when they tried to reach the Florida coast Florida

Cuban rafters boat in Key Biscayne, Florida (AP)

In the same period of the previous year, US immigration authorities detained some 30,000 Cubans.

Cuba does not accept the deportation of Cuban nationals from the United States, and most migrants are released after entering the United States illegally to await court hearings. asylum.

In late September, a boat with 27 Cuban rafters wrecked near the Florida Keys as Hurricane Ian moved toward the west coast of the state.

Four of the rafters managed to swim to Stock Island and report to US authorities. The Coast Guard later rescued five others.

Some of the shipwreck survivors told local media that of the six days they were at sea under extreme conditions, two They spent days and two nights 13 miles off the coast of Cuba and received no help.

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