At least 5 dead and 12 missing left the shipwreck of a precarious Cuban boat that was heading to the US

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The authorities reported that rescue efforts continue in the area where the tragedy occurred despite adverse weather conditions due to the arrival of a cold front

At least five Cubans died and another twelve remain missingafter the sinking of a precarious boat in the surroundings of Cayo Cruz del Padre, in northern Cuba, when they were heading to the United States, according to official media reports this Friday.< /p>

The local television channel Yumuri TV noted that of the 28 people on board the raft, 11 were rescued alive by the Cuban coast guard .

The body of Nayelis Rodríguez, 19, was found dead, while Armando García García, her boyfriend, is among the disappeared, Yeilanis Gómez García, the young man's sister, told Radio Television Martí.

“That was the information they gave us there, at the Santa Marta police, which is in Varadero (…) that the search is suspended after 72 hours,” he added

The event occurred on Tuesday morning due to strong waves, according to the aforementioned media and in line with the unverified information that had been previously disseminated on social networks.

The occupants of the boat then called the emergency services, which sent two patrols of the border guard troops.

The authorities reported that the rescue work continues in the area where the shipwreck occurred despite the adverse weather conditions in the area due to the arrival of a cold front.

All those involved in the incident reside in Cárdenas and left the country illegally on January 23 through Torrontela, a point on the Cárdenas coast, with the purpose of reaching Cárdenas territory. United States, exposing itself to a risky journey”, reported Yumuri TV.

Hundreds of Cubans have thrown into the sea in recent days to try to reach the US fleeing misery, hunger and the repression of the dictatorship of Miguel Díaz Canel. One of the largest migratory waves in decades.

So far this month some 1,200 Cubans have been deported.

At the beginning of January the US Government announced a radical change in its immigration policy for Cubans, after in 2022 more than 313,000 citizens of that country arrived at its southern border.

Cuban deaths in the Caribbean in 2022 were the most numerous after Haitians, with 69 deaths and disappearances recorded, according to a report by the Project Missing Migrants from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The organization documented a total of 321 migrant deaths in the waters of the Caribbean Sea< /b>, the highest number since the project began in 2014, and a drastic increase compared to the 2021 figure, when 180 deaths and disappearances were recorded.

At least 5 dead and 12 missing left the shipwreck of a precarious Cuban boat that was heading to the US

So far this month some 1,200 Cubans have been deported . (EFE)

In October 2022, eight Cubans died in an illegal exit attempt through Bahía Honda, Artemisa, including a girl than 2 years.

Political repression, but above all the severe economic crisis that the island has been suffering for more than two years -with shortages and high inflation- are leading many Cubans to leave their country.

(With information from EFE)

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