At least 40 dead after various avalanches due to the rains in southern Peru

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Constant rains are frequent in February in the Andean country and rainfall causes landslides that affect homes, but also public infrastructure

At least 40 dead after various avalanches due to the rains in southern Peru

Huaicos in Peru, where the avalanche occurred where dozens of people died (Facebook: Radio Cultural de Arequipa)

At least 40 Peruvians died in various avalanches due to the constant rains that affected a province in southern Peru, authorities reported Monday.

Wilson Gutiérrez, a civil defense official in the Mariano Nicolás Valcárcel municipality, in the Camaná province, told the local radio RPPthat they have 36 corpses placed along the road “waiting” for collection by the Prosecutor's Office in a remote sector of their district called Miski.

Later, local media reported the number of deaths rose to 40.

Bodies of water, mud and stones entered various towns in the province of Camaná, for which reason those affected asked the authorities for heavy machinery to clearing the mud that has blocked three kilometers of a major highway.

Civil Defense indicates that the avalanches affected bridges, intakes, irrigation canals, roads and homes and around 630 houses were rendered useless.

At least 40 dead after various avalanches due to the rains in southern Peru

People walk through the disaster zone in Huaicos, Peru (Facebook: Radio Cultural de Arequipa)

A group of five people lost their lives when a mudslide pushed the truck into a river in the one they were traveling to.

In addition, the different avalanches -huaicos as they are known in the country- have left several districts inaccessible in the Secocha area, which makes cleaning and rescue service and traffic is interrupted and there is no alternate route.

The The Ministry of Defense published on its networks that a Peruvian Army helicopter left Fort Zamacola for Camaná with humanitarian aid for those affected by mudslides and also transported members of the Rapid Disaster Intervention Company for debris removal work and rescue.

On the other hand, the heavy rains have also affected homes and roads in the towns of Viñac and Catahuasi, located in the province of Yauyos, in the department of Lima.

“So far, 99 homes have been affected, 60 uninhabitable and 30 destroyed; 365 people affected and 265 homeless; damage to 4 schools, 1 religious temple, a community building, 5 kilometers of highway, as well as to agriculture and livestock,” reported Indeci, according to the rapid damage assessment of the Disaster Risk Management offices.< /p>

(With information from AP and EFE)

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