At least 10 people died in China due to the downpour

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At least 10 people died in China due to downpour

Photo: Rixabay 

Typhoon Doksuri, which hit China, brought the heaviest rains in 140 years. This is reported by the BBC.

As a result, at least 10 people died in Hebei province, 18 are considered missing. destroyed residential buildings, infrastructure and flooded entire districts. Shopping streets turned into rivers and brown water. Also, agricultural lands in the surrounding areas were completely flooded. At least 10 people have died and 18 others are missing.

The China Meteorological Agency has declared a red alert level to warn people of “geological risks”. Authorities have evacuated more than half of the 11.5 million people from the north because the areas are at high risk of landslides and flooding from the rains. 

In July, China's Ministry of Emergency Situations said it had recorded 142 deaths or missing due to extreme weather conditions.

Prepared by Serhii Daga