At Kiev Toyota failed under asphalt

At Kiev Toyota failed under asphalt

For the rest of the rocks near Kiev, serious accidents have already been repeatedly dragged through gaps in the asphalt. So, in due course, during the break of the whole month, there were two great failures not far from the Olimpiisky stadium, where the cars simply erased the ground.

Toyota failed in Kyiv

This time the incident was three times more than the other scheme. So, judging by the photo, the driver of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, moving in the right lane, did not hit the road fences and rammed them, after which he ate at the pit. For obvious information, neither water nor passengers were injured and could successfully evacuate from the car.

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There are a lot of similar dug-up diggers in Podil at once. The drivers were asked to be more careful and comply with the Swedish regime, so as not to become the hero of the news about the accident and not waste your car.