At Belarus, rushing the potik of the Russians

At Belarus, rushing the potik of the Russians

Belarus has become a popular travel destination for Russians. This is confirmed by the data of passenger carriers. So, on the next day, for example, sickle all tickets for swedish pulls & # 8220; Lastivka & # 8221;, which run between Moscow and Minsk, have already been sold out for a long time. And on a flight before the holidays, the price for tickets in one bill is 460 Belarusian rubles (about 180 euros).

Belarus has dropped a lot of Russians

And yet , for 1 sickle the airline & # 8220; Belavia & # 8221; increased the number of flights on the Minsk route – Moscow – Minsk up to two dozen per day, Russian air carriers often fly to the Belarusian capital, including those from the regions of the Russian Federation.

“Cart tourism”

The increase in passenger traffic from Russia to Belarus has become a commemoration For example, in the spring of 2022, if one of the reasons for such trips was the need for Russians to issue new bank cards. Rich in time, with the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a lot of foreign companies began to massively come up with sanctions against the Russian Federation, which sealed the banking sector.

Thus, Russia stopped accepting cards of the most popular international payment systems – Visa and Mastercard. The middle lands of Russia ran into difficult payment difficulties for the help of the Russian system “Mir”. Ale pid hour perebuvannya overseas and for online payments on overseas sites tsya system – not out.

The solution was known in the lands of the near zakordonnya, where the banks began to open up the bills of the people of Russia and issue cards of international payment systems. Such a scheme became popular in Belarus, as confirmed by DW correspondents in one of the world's banks.

“In the rest of the hour, we have a fast issue of new bank cards, but now the trend is turning: even remember the growth of the sun to Russian citizens”, – tell the bank and specify that for the issuance of the card, it may be necessary to have a special presence of the client, which became the drive for “card tourism”. The term for the preparation of the card borrows from three to ten working days.

Russians can drink up to EU through Belarus, but there is a nuance

It is logical to admit that after the adoption in Belarus of bank cards of Visa and Mastercard payment systems, the citizens of Russia will continue their journey to Europe. However, not everything is so simple at the same time.

The countries of the European Union have closed their airspace for both Russian airlines and for “Belavia”, and passenger flights from Belarus to the EU and Ukraine were also waived for the coronavirus pandemic. The option of crossing the cordon through the ground checkpoint is left, but here there is a fence. The Polish-Belarusian cordon for a whole hour can only be crossed by the citizens of the EU, Belarus and Ukraine, and for the Russians such a possibility is less at checkpoints from Lithuania and Latvia.

“Unfortunately, we found out too early, so the cordon at Brest with Russian passports is not transferable”, – rozpovidaє Muscovite Mikhailo, who took his car at the same time from this and #8217; The route had to be changed and broken to the Belarusian-Lithuanian cordon.

And from Sergiy and Olena – family couple from St. Petersburg – Brest was robbed of its own cost and the collapse farther to Europe is not yet planned. “During the changeover in Belarus, we got to issue bank cards, see the Bilovezka Forest, and other important memorials ’to start shopping. For the most part of their permits, they were already satisfied & # 8221;, & # 8211; Olena shares.

There are more tourists, less before COVID-19

This is how the supporters of the Belarusian service circle say, tourists from Russia bring mischief to the business. At the Brest hotel “Intourist” they said that the demand for some and other hotels at the same time was high, but they didn’t specify what number of guests from Russia.

“Tourists were more likely to visit the provinces during the period before the pandemic: earlier, they usually came to Brest on the 9th of May, or were on their way, and now they are missing for a few days. I know that the situation is similar in Minsk, and in Grodno”, – rozpovidaє spіvrobіtnitsa hotell. For її words, guests from Russia come both individually and in organized groups: tourist buses are already on the territory of Belarus.

Not the first river among the Russians – especially frail vіku – popular and popular in Belarusian sanatoriums, but at the same time drink more and more. “We have practically no free time from the cob of summer and until the end of autumn, – we visited the sanatorium “Ruzhansky”. – They come and you, who have already stumbled here, and you, who have come to correct me healthy’I, not thinking about visas”.

On the minds of the Anonimnosti, the representatives of the terrible Bushah, I can, with the side of Kliyntiv iz izhiham an hour Kilkіste was written on the armor for nichili in the bilorusi zbilshi, and the yazan was not deprived of the difficulty, but .

Russians master shopping from Belarus

The new and often unsettled method of Russian trips to Belarus has revealed shopping. Dozens of light brands (such as from Bershka, Zara, Reserved, H&M, Nike, Adidas and many others) in the first month after the war in Ukraine left Russia, but continue officially in Minsk and other cities of Belarus. The price of the robotic restaurants at McDonald’s. Moreover, for purchases, it is not necessary to use new cards: you can pay with cards of the Russian payment system “Mir” in Belarus. -turiv. “We know the topic, the shards of old fates organized similar shopping trips for Belarusians to Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. Now it’s possible to spread the word from the Russians & # 8221;, & # 8211; not without irony, the sponsor of one of the Brest travel agencies is appointed. Spіvrozmovnik DW does not think that such shop-tours can actually appear, and the flow of Russian tourists to Belarus grows by 10-15 more. or at the reception of guests from the western lands, now there is an incentive to improve with the Russians: we respect that people of the young and middle age come here with a high plateaux, such as the lands of the EU, and not Belarus–, ”; resume of a travel agency practitioner.

Source: Deutsche Welle