Astronomers: the planets this year will be in July

Recently, astronomers announced that this year’s parade of planets will occur in mid-summer, namely July 4th. According to many people, this event in the Universe will lead to serious consequences for the Earth.

Астрономы: Парад планет в текущем году будет наблюдаться в июле

Pandemic coronavirus infection, fires in Australia, the economic crisis and other recent world events triggered the panic of citizens, and they subconsciously began to look for data that may indicate the coming end of the world. So, on the vast world wide web appeared unreliable information that indicates the expected parade of planets in July. According to astronomers, smooth lines will not, however, space objects closer, forming a relatively small angular arc. A lot of people believe that this event will contribute to the approximation of the day of judgment.

The last time a similar alignment was monitored in 1982. At that time, fanatics also panicked and foreshadowed the destruction of the Earth. As for the scientific point of view, specialists then observed enhanced seismic activity. This time, after 38 years, this event sparked rumors of the death of all mankind, which may be associated with the appearance of the Antichrist. According to the users of the Network, he will become the ruler of the planet.

Some people are inclined to option discovery of Nibiru, which will also lead to the destruction of the Earth due to the collision. In addition, some do not rule out the emergence of a Third world war and nuclear winter.

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