Astronomers’ Horror: Moon’s 4G Network Will Affect Earth’s Radio Telescopes

Astronomers’ Horror: Moon’s 4G Network Will Affect Earth’s Radio Telescopes

In space exploration, it seems, not everything is calm. Nokia’s recent new project could seriously harm many research projects, including the future exploration of the moon under the Artemis program.

We recently wrote that Nokia won the tender 4G on the Moon: Nokia launches a bold project to create the first 4G network on the moon. And later she received claims from astronomers, according to Те Сonversation .

Astronomers working with radio telescopes demand to design the new network as small as possible and to screen its radiation as much as possible. Because, according to them, it can create serious obstacles to work.

With the launch of Starlink satellites, astronomers sounded the alarm – the amount of interference, both in the optical range and in the radio sphere, has increased significantly. But apart from counting on the understanding of Elon Musk and the owners of other satellites, they can do nothing. Scientists have no authority to force the trajectories of vehicles to be corrected. Now, a large number of radio signals from the neighboring Moon will be added to the number of interference.

Ensuring the operation of radio telescopes is the task of the same NASA. However, in practice, there is an overlap of interests. A compromise is unlikely, since Nokia will most likely not be able to shield all equipment. NASA will have to make a difficult choice and decide who to support in this confrontation.

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