Astronomers have figured out when the planets will leave the solar system

Astronomers have figured out when the planets will leave the solar system

Scientists are doing a lot of research to find out the ultimate fate of the solar system and the planets that make up it.

Astronomers figured out when the planets will leave the solar system

By According to scientists, for almost 4.5 billion years, the planet and other space objects in the solar system show amazing stability. So far, there are no indications that the planets may leave the solar system. In a new study, scientists from Bulgaria announced an approximate period of time during which everything will remain unchanged.

This is stated in the ScienceAlert article.

Specialists note that it is quite difficult to predict the behavior of planets and other objects in the solar system in the future. Even Isaac Newton stated that the interaction between the planets will eventually provoke chaos in the solar system.

Scientists from Sofia University, Bulgaria, Angel Zhivkov and Ivaylo Tunchev have conducted a new study and found that the solar system will remain stable for about the next 100,000 years before the planets deorbit and leave the system, going into deep space. During this period, according to the orbits of the eight planets and Pluto will not change significantly.

Bulgarian scientists have created a way to measure the movements of the planets and carry out the corresponding calculations. It turned out that the elliptical orbits along which the planets move around the Sun will remain unchanged for at least 100 thousand years.

In addition, if we make minor changes in the initial conditions of the model, then everything in the solar system will probably remain the same for a million or even a billion years. For further research, a super-powerful computer is needed, which may be created in the near future.

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