Astronomers have discovered on the surface of Betelgeuse a giant spot

The brightest star of Orion – Betelgeuse again faded considerably. It happened in early 2020. Scientists have made a photo and it turned out that blame – the giant spots that began to appear on the surface of the object.

Астрономы обнаружили на поверхности Бетельгейзе гигантские пятна

Astronomers suggested that since the shining Betelgeuse has decreased significantly in the electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength less than a millimeter, it is not about any obstacle, such as a gas cloud, and the changing light. The rapid decline in brightness was seen last December. YTD glow fell to a record small over the past 25 years values. This is due to the fact that Betelgeuse moved into the final stage of stellar evolution. She became a red supergiant and started to lose gas. Watching the fluctuations in brightness of Betelgeuse, astronomers concluded that the star ceased to exist several millennia. In the moment of transformation into a supernova happens a strong flare, which will be visible from Earth even in the daytime.

Scientists captured Betelgeuse in the photo at the time of the weakening of the illumination. They show that up to 70% of the stars cover a huge spot size. This is the zone where the magnetic field of the object breaks the surface and makes it cooler, resulting in decreased luminescence. Astronomers say that such a strong decrease in brightness is due to the fact that the supergiant observed low activity.

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