Astronomers have discovered a black hole in “two steps” from the Earth

Astronomers studied the constellation the Telescope and found in it a black hole. The scale of the milky way singularity is “two steps” from the Ground.

Астрономы обнаружили черную дыру в «двух шагах» от Земли

Black holes are one of the biggest mysteries of the Universe. Scientists know that even in the milky way are millions of them, but to detect the singularity very difficult. Black holes have such strong gravity that even light can not break through the event horizon. One of such singularities astronomers have discovered in “two steps” from the Earth, of course, the scale of the milky way. A black hole is in the constellation the Telescope. Scientists drew attention to the two stars that revolve around invisible, but very heavy object. The analysis showed that it is a black hole. The distance to the singularity is about 1000 light years. However, astronomers believe that there are more close education, but they have not yet discovered.

Astrophysicists immediately rushed to warn that this black hole does not pose a risk to humanity. Theory on the entrainment of the planets and stars of the singularities is a myth. It is actually a little easier. A black hole has more gravity, which only in certain conditions, attracts the object. For example, the Sun also has a huge mass, but the planet is not falling on the surface. If you replace the star with a black hole in the global scale, nothing will change, therefore, experience, on this occasion it is not necessary.

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