Astronomers discover Jupiter-sized exoplanet

Astronomers discover Jupiter-sized exoplanet

Astronomers in the course of studying space managed to find an exoplanet that is similar in size to Jupiter. The gas giant is located at a relatively small distance from the Earth, writes Phys.

Astronomers have discovered a Jupiter-sized exoplanet

The alien world was designated NGTS-12b, and it was discovered by means of NGTS at the Paranal Observatory in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. The specified tool serves to identify exoplanets that correspond in size to Neptune. The discovery of the exoplanet was made by British scientists from the University of Warwick, it is located more than 1.4 thousand light years from Earth. The celestial body makes a revolution around its star every 7.53 days.

The radius of NGTS-12b corresponds to the order of 1.05 of the radius of Jupiter, the mass is at the level of 0.21 of the mass of the giant planet. It is suspected that the object boasts a rarefied gas atmosphere. This is supported by low density and surface gravity. The mass of the parent star is close to that of the sun. The exact age of the star is still unknown, although it is believed to be at least 9.4 billion years old. The exoplanet is an interesting target for spectroscopic research in the future.

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