Astronauts can change DNA for the colonization of Mars

Astrobiologist Kendi Lynch spoke about the original problem of the colonization of Mars by humans. Astronauts can change DNA to adapt to life on the red planet.

Астронавтам могут изменить ДНК ради колонизации Марса

In 2030, NASA plans to begin the first phase of the colonization of Mars. However, the journey to the red planet itself and breaking it can be overwhelming for the average person. To cope with this problem, the researchers plan to alter the DNA of the astronauts, making them more resilient. All crew members will transfer experiments on himself, because only some people will stay on Mars and the main group will return to the Earth. Experts on genetic engineering has already begun to conduct experiments on human cells. To increase their stamina scientists have introduced genes in the DNA of tardigrades, the most resilient beings on the planet. In the result cells promoted radiation resistance and could continue to properly perform its functions.

Such experiments will allow to make a man able not only to live on Mars, but also to have children. Kendi Lynch is confident that the technology can be applied in practice, if the scientists guarantee the safety of astronauts.

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