AstraZeneca will be able to produce a billion doses of a potential vaccine against COVID-19 if the tests are successful

AstraZeneca сможет произвести миллиард доз потенциальной вакцины от COVID-19, если тесты пройдут успешно

May 21 (Reuters) – AstraZeneca (LON:AZN) expects this year and next year will be able to produce a billion doses of a potential vaccine against COVID-19, if the trials are successful, and should soon obtain the results of early stage clinical trials.

The British pharmaceutical company announced that it has signed the first agreement on the supply of at least 400 million doses of vaccines, which is developing jointly with the University of Oxford.

The company admitted that the vaccine may be ineffective, but if the results of early stage trials are positive, they will be followed by a new phase in several countries.

Only a few of the developed vaccines are tested on humans, which is an indicator of safety and effectiveness, as well as the stage at which most of them fail.

In the message AstraZeneca also stated that she has received more than $1 billion from the office of biomedical advanced research and development USA (BARDA) for the development, manufacture and delivery of candidate vaccines.

The company also reported that tests of a vaccine from COVID-19 will include the planned clinical trial later stage with the participation of 30,000 people and pediatric trials, adding that she plans to start deliveries of the vaccine in the UK in September.

(Akash Jagadish Babu in Bangalore, translated by Elizaveta Zhuravleva. Editor Dmitry Antonov)

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