Astra Space rocket fails to place NASA satellites into orbit

Astra Space rocket fails to place NASA satellites into orbit

Astra Space's rocket failed to place NASA satellites into orbit

Photo: Rocket 3.3

The American light rocket Rocket 3.3 of the company Astra Space, which launched at a week, 12 hours, could not put two Tropics meteorological satellites into orbit, as if they belonged to NASA, support Podrobnosti. 

Due to technical problems, the other stage of the rocket was turned off earlier than planned, due to which the corine vantage could not be put into orbit.

Rocket 3.3 is too small to put into orbit a couple of small NASA satellites, designated for the launching of tropical cyclones. This is the first group of such satellites for the creation of an orbital grouping.

As part of the NASA program, it is planned to put more satellites into orbit before the next two launches.

The first successful launch of the startup Astra Space at the leaf fall of 2021 fate. The same Rocket 3.2 launch vehicle was launched into orbit with an experimental vehicle for the US Space Force.

Before which American company, which had begun testing its light rockets in 2018, did not achieve the expected successful launch. Most of the stench was either not far away, or often far away.

The nose Rocket is a two-stage rocket with n'yatma engines. We can carry up to 150 kg of chest weight into a 500-kilometer sleepy-synchronous orbit. The length of the rocket is less than 11.6 meters and can be transported in a container to any launch complex.

The Astra Space company claims that the rocket will be the simplest and most technologically advanced carrier in the world. The cost of one launch is $2.5 million. To match, the launch of an important Falcon 9 rocket by SpaceX costs over $60 million.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga