Asterix: it's almost Christmas, don't forget your Advent calendar

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The Astérix amusement park made a lot of noise this year during the period. Halloween thanks to; its squares scary areas and especially its long queues. If you are a fan of the license, know that you can wait for Christmas with Astérix and Ob&elix at through a magnificent advent calendar.

Astérix: it's it's almost Christmas, don't forget your Advent calendar

Asterix and Ob&elix the two comp&egraves ;res

The Asterix Advent calendar from Playmobilhas no less than 24 windows that allow you to discover a surprise a day while waiting for the famous  D-Day, a great gift for young and old alike, who are fans of the adventures of the famous Gaul.

Asterix: it's Christmas soon, don't forget your Advent calendar

This year , you will be at aboard a drakkaron which we can find the pirate captain and his crew. the search for boats at; plunder. À Instead, they will meet Astérix and Jolitorax on a small boat, and the latter two are not going to let it go!

With this calendar, you will be able to run your imagination as you see fit thanks to; its many pieces that hide in each box. It is even possible to play with the boat in the water and equip it with a small submersible motor sold separately.

Astérix: it's almost Christmas, don't forget your Advent calendar

To receive it before December 1st, know that it is possible to order it today and receive it within 2 days.

If you're more of a fan of Marvel superheroes, there's a Funko Pop calendar with action figures. collect.

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