As a rider from Boyacá, he has been on the Arkea-Samsic team since 2020.

As a rider from Boyacá, he has been on the Arkea-Samsic team since 2020.

Colombian cyclist Nairo Quintana spoke after stage 20 of the Tour de France, the 40-kilometre individual time trial, in which lost one position and finished sixth overall.

The rider from Boyacá will finish his ninth participation in the Tour this Sunday in the Paris Champs-Elysées in a good position.

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Quintana referred to what he had been suffering, to what happened in this year's edition of the competition and confirmed what his future will be for 2023.

There is no victory walk

Last stage. “It is one more day for those who have ridden a bicycle, because they see the victory ride. That's false, it rolls fast. Unlike, because I read the race, many packers and people from the time trial are left with a bitter taste”.

Attacks? “I think those who haven't won are going to go in the breakaway and are going to put many in check”.

The time trial. “The Tour has been very fast and being in the ‘top’ 10 is good. A year ago I ended up sad, destroyed. I came from injuries, I got covid, I got the vaccines and nobody knew how it was going to work. We put them on before the Tour and that was rushed.”

Boyacense's rider has been on the Arkea-Samsic team since 2020.

Injuries. “I racked up the injuries and that made last year's Tour terrible. I struggled up the mountain and we did exaggerated things. The last days of the race we counted that it was less”.

The 2022 Tour. “We planned to get to the Tour well, we understood each other and we came to do this race. Years ago I was not so close or breathing close to the podium and I was able to have it”.

Balance. “Nothing is perfect and health is the biggest rival. We had a hotel where there were temperature changes and that screwed us up. Some days good, others not so good and here on the Tour everything counts”.

Are you going or staying?< /h3>

Your future. “We are in negotiations. I'm in a team that has given me a hand. The first few years were complicated, with injuries and one never finished assimilating”.

Do you follow? “We sat down to analyze and talk. We have given results. This year in all the races we have been we have finished inside the top 10. Reinforcements are coming for the team and I think I'll stay here”.

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