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ARX ​​Robotics Secures Record Funding to Prepare for 'Robotic War'

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

ARX Robotics secures record funding to prepare for 'robotic warfare'

ARX Robotics, a pioneer in the development of autonomous and modular robotic solutions, announced on June 10, 2024 the successful completion of a €9 million seed funding round. This milestone represents the largest round of seed funding ever achieved by a European DefenceTech company. The financing round was led by the NATO Innovation Fund with contributions from Discovery Ventures and Project A Ventures.

ARX ​​Robotics specializes in the development of scalable robotic systems designed for mass deployment in both the defense and commercial sectors. The company aims to solve the critical shortage of mass autonomous unmanned systems in the armed forces of Europe and Western allies. These systems are important for promising military capabilities in an era of rapid technological development.

At the core of ARX innovation is the GEREON series of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). These modular vehicles can be adapted for a variety of defense missions, such as combat training, transportation, medical evacuation and specialized reconnaissance missions. This flexibility is achieved through a modular design that allows for rapid customization with additional solutions and payloads.

Mark Witfeld, CEO and co-founder of ARX Robotics, highlighted the strategic importance of their technology:

“The armies of Western democracies are not ready for a robotic war. Increasing the capabilities of our armed forces requires an interconnected critical mass of autonomous unmanned ground systems. ARX ​​aims to contribute to European technological sovereignty by increasing production, creating software-defined systems and developing adaptive hardware to meet the demand for reliable and autonomous unmanned systems.

The GEREON robotic platform is already in operation and being tested by several European armies, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Ukraine. In training scenarios, these robots have significantly improved soldiers' situational awareness, as battlefield experience constantly informs their development.

In addition to military applications, ARX robots are quite versatile for a variety of commercial and humanitarian purposes. They can autonomously monitor critical infrastructure, transport equipment to disaster areas, and navigate rough terrain, increasing workforce safety and efficiency.

ARX Robotics combines robust hardware with modular design and advanced software. This synergy allows the company to quickly develop cost-effective unmanned ground systems for single or multiple use. Platforms can be configured in the field in minutes without tools, and software updates are delivered over the air, integrating artificial intelligence with off-the-shelf hardware components.

The seed funding will be used to expand the ARX team and expand manufacturing capabilities across Europe. With the NATO Innovation Fund as a lead investor, supported by Project A Ventures and Discovery Ventures, ARX is poised to strengthen the sustainability and sovereignty of European technologies.

Chris O’Connor of the NATO Innovation Fund said:

«We are honored to support ARX and help them expand their production in Europe. As the need for unmanned warfare continues to grow, the cost-effective modular ARX ground system stands out as a leading solution for defense and humanitarian applications.

Uwe Horstmann of Project A Ventures added:

«We believed in the potential of ARX from the very beginning. Their ability to develop robust and modular ground operations for both government and civilian customers is truly remarkable.

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