Artificial intelligence will be able to predict a new outbreak of the pandemic

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Artificial intelligence can predict new pandemic outbreak

Photo: EPA/UPG

Scientists created an artificial intelligence program designed to predict outbreaks of new COVID-19 pandemics in order to warn humanity about them. Science Alert writes about this.

It was called the Early Anomaly Detection System (EWAD). She is trusted by scientists because working with actual data on the spread of SARS-CoV-2, she has made accurate predictions about what new, alarming variants of the virus will emerge as a result of mutations.

To create this program, scientists from Scripps Research and Northwestern University in the US used machine learning. This process involved analyzing large amounts of training data using computers. Thanks to them, algorithms were developed and certain patterns were determined, which later made it possible to predict how these patterns might act in future and unknown scenarios.

Artificial intelligence collected  information about the genetic sequences of different variants of SARS-CoV-2 as the spread grew. infections He also studied statistics regarding the frequency of these variants and global mortality from COVID-19.

Based on this information, the software was able to detect the genetic changes that occurred in the virus during its adaptation. These changes usually lead to an increase in the infection rate and a decrease in the death rate. 

Prepared by Serhiy Daga