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Artem Pyvovarov became a producer: he presented the first track with the participants of Voice of the Country

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

>> Artem Pyvovarov

Ukrainian performer Artem Pyvovarov decided to try himself as a producer. His musical project “Your poems, my notes” is expanding.

The singer is launching the branch “New names”, where novice artists will popularize Ukrainian culture through songs.

In addition popularization of poetry and outstanding creators of Ukrainian literature, the new direction aims promoting the development of musical culture by supporting talented budding artists. In this project, Pivovarov will give new names the opportunity to open up and announce themselves to the general public.

I believe that all of us can now influence the formation and development of Ukrainian music and culture. In this project, we will present young performers to the world, we will discover new names that will show that our culture and music industry are going through the best times, Pivovarov said.

The first page of the new direction of the project “Your poems, my notes” opens work “Eyes (Choir live)” based on a poem by Hryhori Chuprinka. The creation of this large-scale collaboration involved the vocalists of the PIVOVAROV team at the Voice of the Country PRIANA and Victoria Derkach, as well as a choir of more than 100 people, among whom there are both professional vocalists and vocal teachers, as well as novice artists and those who just really love to sing .

All these are “NEW NAMES”, contemporary artists and the future of Ukrainian culture, which is very important to preserve, spread and develop, the artist's team noted.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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